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Yes. As long as the end date is not reached, funders can continue to support the project by donating thus, the original goal can be exceeded. It is a bonus for the project holder who will be able to use it to go farther in the project’s realisation.

Just go on the project’s page, category “News”. You will also receive e-mails from the project holder during the key stages of the project.

The platform promotes projects about health development, education, the promotion of women, rural development etc.
Those projects aim to promote the emancipation of the most vulnerable people in concrete and appropriate ways by bringing them the recourses and support they need and that, regardless of their situation, beliefs or origins.
This open-mindedness is rooted in a long philosophical tradition made of sharing, openness to others, audacity and respect in order help others find the dignity they lost.

You can support a project by sharing it on social media, on your blogs, your websites...Or even with a simple e-mail!

Via e-mail.

Crowdfunding, also called participatory financing, is a financing technique that allows project holders to find support amongst family, friends and acquaintances as well as people interested in the project. They present their project on a dedicated website that gives it visibility for a set amount of time and allows to collect funding from a large number of people without any middle man. If they want to, funders can receive a reward (acknowledgments, invitation...)

The campaign has a set duration period, at the end of which the needed amount of funds must me reached, if it is not, the project won't be financed. Therefore, it is a challenge for all, including funders who become ambassadors of the projects on social media to create a " viral effect".More than a mean of financing , crowdfunding is a collective adventure, bringing people together around a humanitarian project.

The Rosalie Projects platform is the first Christian crowdfunding website exclusively dedicated to projects developed to help the most vulnerable people. Through this innovating tool put in place by the Daughters of Charity, one can become a key contributor to solidarity, as close as one can be to the site and the people, and that in 94 countries.

The platform is linked to a Donation fund named 'Rosalie Rendu" after the Sister who is to all, an immense source of inspiration when talking about civic engagement and network building .Following in the footsteps of this emblematic figure , the platform was created to build a network of hope for those who are more vulnerable and that, following the values of Sister Rosalie Rendu : solidarity, dignity and open-mindedness.

All the projects on the platform are put in place by The Daughters of Charity as they are often by the side of the most defenceless where poverty is most present. Thanks to their proximity with people and their reality, the Daughters of Charity are able to offer projects that are realistic and answer the people’s needs, in collaboration with others.

Often better known as "Sisters of Saint-Vincent-de-Paul" or by their headdress (“cornettes”), the Daughters of Charity are members of a religious congregation created by Saint-Vincent-de-Paul in 1633.Their mission is to support people who face hardship all over the world. Their social impact is significant and their motivation limitless when it comes to bringing free and creative answers to the suffering and injustice they come across.

If you have an account, you can write a comment on the project's page, it will be transmitted to the project holder.

Crowdfunding platforms apply the "all or nothing" principle in different ways, but in all cases, funding is only given to the project holder if they reach a certain amount.

On Rosalie Projects, this amount is divided by levels (5 max.), each correspond to actual spending for the project. The "all or nothing" rule only apply in the first stage of the project. During the campaign, the amount is either reached and given to the project holder (and debited at the end of the campaign) or it is given back to the funders.

When the debit card transaction is made, the funds are kept on the electronic currency account of the funder. This account is created automatically when a first donation is made. The amount given stays on the funder's account in the form of electronic currency and that, even if the amount appears to be withdrawn from the funder's bank account and that, until the end of the campaign.

Make a donation

Each project is presented with a goal and a duration time. The project can contain between 1 and 5 different financing stages. As soon as a step is approved, the project is considered to be financed and all donations will be debited at the end of the collecting period.

If you made a donation at the beginning of a project that end up not being completed, you can either credit it on your bank account or leave it on your account to contribute to another project.

Your personal information (Name, Surname, screen name, birth date, address and e-mail) is only known by a small part of the team, especially for the sending of thank you letters and rewards. That information is confidential. We do not give out our users' data to any third-party or partners. Furthermore, our data base is declared to the CNIL, National data protection committee, as required by law.

Payments are 100% secured thanks to our payment service provider. Your credit card information is immediately crypted by our provider and doesn’t appear on the website.

Yes. You can cancel it up until the end of the donation period. The amount stays on your account as electronic currency thus, it is juridically yours. The amount is only transferred at the end of the collecting period.

To change the amount of your donation, just cancel your donation and make another one with the amount you wish to give.

No, they are not transferred until the end of the collecting period.

If it is the case, don't hesitate to contact us at

Credit card transactions require an authorisation from your bank, most of the time they also require a user authentication. If one of your transaction is declined, wait a few minutes before trying again. If it doesn't solve the issue, reach out to your bank. If needed, you can also contact us.

To financially support a project, click the "donate" button on the corresponding page. If you don't already have an account, you will be invited to create one by filling in a registration form (Name, surname, date of birth, phone number, address, e-mail and password). Then, you will be redirected to the website of our payment service provider.

When you will have registered your donation, you will be able to choose a reward if you wish to receive one. If you don't have an account, you will be asked to create one and will be redirected to our payment service provider.

The amounts shown on the platform include bank fees and represent 0,75% + 0,15 € by transaction.

No other commission is taken to ensure that the platform is working well. You can support us by clicking the "support the network of hope" button on the home page.

You can make your donation anonymous through the use of a user name in the registration form (you can modify your information at any time by going in the ''my account" section.

When you donate, you can also choose for your username or the amount you have donated to appear publicly or not.

You can use a credit card or a PayPal account depending on your country.

My account

From the moment you contributed
- You will receive a confirmation email
- You can check on your account in "my contributions".

On the log-in page, click on" forgot your password?" and follow instructions.

If you can't see the " forgot my password " link under the "Validate" button, click on " log-in".

With an account you can have access to the different possibilities offered by the site:
- Support projects
- Access information made for funders
- Contact members of the community
- Receive the Rosalie Projects newsletter to stay up to date on new projects.

Use your precedent e-mail address to log-in then, modify your address on your account.


Yes, it can. The tax administration gave the Rosalie Rendu donation fund, the authorisation to deliver a receipt for donations. At the end of the year, you will automatically receive a Cerfa N°11580*03 form that will allow you to be exempted from 66% of the amount you gave limited to the 20% taxable income.