The Rosalie Projects

Qui sommes-nous ?

The Rosalie Projects Website is a crowdfunding platform created to support the projects of the Daughters of Charity of Saint-Vincent-de-Paul taking place all over the world.

A catalyst for projects benefiting the most fragile populations

To optimise and perpetuate the initiatives carried out by the Daughters of Charity throughout the world, the Rosalie Rendu Endowment Fund has innovated the platform Projets Rosalie in 2015 to allow the general public to participate in the financing of these projects.

This crowdfunding platform makes it possible to :

  • To make these actions visible for the benefit of those who need to become aware of their dignity and regain confidence in their destiny.
  • To promote the financial support of benefactors who, through their donations on the platform, contribute to the realisation of these projects with positive effects for the beneficiaries.
  • To animate the donor community by telling the story of the realisation of the projects financed on the platform

Since their creation, Rosalie's Projects have been dedicated to financing projects on a human scale, with amounts ranging from €1,000 to €6,000 (with a few exceptions). They are launched approximately every 45 days and in groups of 3 projects.

Eligibility and selection of projects

Each project is the object of a detailed presentation (context, difficulties, objective, beneficiaries, expected results, stages) and must be carried out locally by a Daughter of Charity in one of the following areas:

  • Children and education
  • Agriculture and food aid
  • Medical assistance
  • Reintegration and professional training
  • Housing
  • Ecology and sustainable development
  • Solidarity with the most excluded

Project monitoring

A solid and relevant due diligence process (113 projects accepted out of 180 presented) ensures that each project responds to a real need (rooted in the daily life of the Daughters of Charity) and provides a sustainable solution for the benefit of the populations supported.

Our projects are subject to prior control by the leaders of the Daughters of Charity at the local level. The Provincial Econome is the guarantor of the budget presented, acknowledges receipt of the funds when the project is financed and also guarantees its proper execution. The project promoters are committed to informing the donors of the progress and implementation of the project once the funds have been transferred.