Why you should support us

By supporting the Rosalie Projects, you support projects that make sense

  • They aim to concretely improve the living conditions of communities and individuals.
  • They involve the participation of all stakeholders, especially the beneficiaries.
  • They are concrete and have a social and economic impact
  • They are reproducible with measurable and sustainable results.
  • They are carried into the field with the Daughters of Charity for the benefit of those they accompany locally and on a daily basis.
  • They aim for a change of scale

The projects resonate with your areas of involvement and mobilisation

  • They promote entrepreneurial approaches and the emergence of local economic structures that generate employment.
  • They promote the empowerment of women
  • They provide access to hygiene, care and improve maternal and neonatal health.
  • They give priority to the support and humanisation of care for the elderly. They serve the education of the most underprivileged and aim to reduce digital divides
  • They promote local solutions in the field of agriculture and food aid in order to halt the displacement of populations.
  • They provide access to housing and the rehabilitation of habitats.
  • They fight against extreme exclusion (homelessness, reintegration of prisoners, retraining of individuals suffering from addiction, care of disabled orphan children, etc.).

Clear and transparent financing

Each donor or sponsoring foundation is a stakeholder in the project it chooses to support. By cheque or online: you can make a donation to fund the project of your choice.

100% of the donations made on the platform are directly allocated to the selected project.

  • Expenditure for each project is detailed and quantified in the funding targets.
  • The project leader undertakes to send us a financial report and an activity report completed with invoices and photos once the project has been completed.
  • In addition to the platform, the Rosalie Rendu Endowment Fund continues to receive unearmarked donations that it decides to allocate to the endowment or to ongoing crowdfunding projects, based on the priority projects or needs of the moment.

Transparent communication

The projects presented on the platform are clear and precise, complemented by photos, testimonials, and the profile of the project leader.

The sisters are committed to keep the contributors informed of developments in the project which they have taken part in (in the case of delayed or postponed projects in exceptional situations)

The "News" tab of the platform lists all the projects which have already been funded and provides information on their implementation stages and impact on beneficiaries. These items are emailed to the donors of each project.

Your donations benefit from a tax deduction

The Rosalie Rendu Endowment Fund is a public interest organization authorized to issue tax receipts for all donations made by

  • individuals under IR 5 Article 200 of the French General Tax Code
  • companies under IS 238 of the French General Tax Code

Tax receipts are sent at each project closure following the transfer of funds to the project promoter.

A very secure operation

All transactions are highly secure thanks to our payment service provider.

We never disclose your personal data, of which you remain the sole owner.

In the event that the objective of the first phase of an online project is not achieved, the project is cancelled, and we will refund the donations made to it.

Collegial governance at the service of the Endowment Fund's missions

The Board of Directors is composed of five Daughters of Charity and four lay people who meet quarterly.

The Rosalie Project Team is composed of two salaried lay people and a sister, responsible for:

  • selection and publication of projects
  • the relationship with the project leader and the respect of her commitments
  • the follow-up of the collection
  • the donor-sponsor relationship
  • a report on the projects carried out
  • visibility on the platform and on social networks