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Rosalie Rendu’s donation fund

During the XVII century, Saint-Vincent-de-Paul and Saint-Louise-de-Marillac created the Daughters of Charity of Saint-Vincent-de-Paul’s to serve the poor and ostracized, in a spirit of humility, simplicity and charity.

The Company is composed of around 14 000 sisters working on different missions to help the needy. Now established on the 5 continents in 94 countries, it is the largest congregation of the Catholic Church.

In 2012, the decision is made to create Rosalie Rendu’s donation fund to invite public to make donations in order to support the Daughters of Charity in their mission to help the less fortunate around the world.

The Donation fund is named after Sr. Rosalie Rendu (Jeanne-Marie Rendu , 1786-1856). Daughter of Charity in the XIX century, she made herself popular by her extraordinary devotion to the city of Paris then shaken by social and political conflicts. The name DFRR is also representative of the 3 dimensions of pastoral help put in place by the Sisters of Charity, it is material as well as spiritual.

Beatified by Pope Jean-Paul II in 2003, Sister Rosalie Rendu embodies those values perfectly through:

  • Helping the poor, by her eagerness to take action and help.
  • The mobilisation of benefactors: during her lifetime, her notoriety brought in numerous wealthy people looking to accomplish a good deed
  • Spirituality: Sister’s Rosalie’s passion for serving others was grounded in prayer and zeal.

Our vision

To create a vast network of hope and instigate a total support of the less fortunate by helping them find trust in their future.

Our missions

To Support victims of misfortune and injustice by bringing them tangible answers and sustainable results.

To bring concrete support to the missions carried-out on site by the Daughters of Charity.

To give visibility to the projects put in place by the Sisters to benefit the most vulnerable people.

Our values

Audacity: Innovation both communication-wise and in the gathering of funds.

Solidarity: as an example, Sister Rosalie Rendu who knew to involve her contemporaries in this fight.

Open-mindedness: lThe Daughters of Charity help all of those who are in need regardless of their situation, origins or beliefs.


Sister Evelyne Franc


Mr Philippe Koebel


Sister Pia Humbel


Sister Rose-Hélène Loubry


Operational Team

Karine Pasquet

In charge of Fundraising

Guillemette Olivier

In charge of Communication & Marketing Responsable Marketing et Communication

Sister Pia Humbel

In charge of projects sourcing

Sister Alessandra Oliveira

In charge of project monitoring

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