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When all you have are chickens

Thursday 13 June 2024 00:00
Generating income for an inclusive school in Nigeria
Sr Martha Ali
Formation agricole pour des personnes porteuses de handicaps au Nigeria

Repairing the living - We Did It

Thursday 23 May 2024 00:00
Agricultural training for disabled people in Nigeria
Sr Alimnu Emerechi

As if you weren't the same... - We Did It

Friday 03 May 2024 00:00
Education of young disabled people in an inclusive school
Sr Anyanwu Sylvia Chinagorom

The load-bearing walls - We Did It

Friday 26 April 2024 00:00
Building a kindergarten in Tanzania
Sr Domitienne Esuba

Open sky - We Did It

Tuesday 09 April 2024 00:00
Safety equipment and parcels for Araçatí's ragpickers
Sœur Ana Lúcia Piteira de Carvalho

Screenshot - We Did It

Thursday 28 March 2024 00:00
Professional digital training for young people in Congo (DRC)
Sr Wivine Kisu

Back to the future - We Did It

Thursday 28 March 2024 00:00
Retreat for people in recovery
Sister Inès Barnabé

By your side, my brother - We Did It

Monday 11 March 2024 00:00
Home and care for the disabled in Kosovo
Sister Adriana Palokaj
Des petit-dejeuners pour les sans -abris à la paroisse saint Merri

Coffee break - We Did It

Monday 04 March 2024 00:00
Breakfasts for the homeless at Saint Merri parish
Sr Danièle Kogel