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A future for 15 young people - We did It

November 27, 2020
15 young graduates of a CAP in Cameroon thanks to you!
Sr. Maria Pilar RIOS SIDRO

Great outdoors - We did it !

November 18, 2020
A preschool in Ukraina, children in safety during free time and during their parents' training programs.
Sister Maria Luptowicz

Pottery workshop - We did it !

November 09, 2020
In the heart of Paris, a workshop open to people in very precarious situations to reconcile with the past.
Soeur Danièle Kogel

A house to be renovated - We did it !

October 30, 2020
In Gaza, a family has regained a healthier daily life in their renovated house.
Sister Susan Sheehan

The Magic Table - We did it!

October 23, 2020
A great escape for the patients of the senior home La Providence
Soeur Pia & Aurélie Gadet

Grow better to buy less - We did it !

October 12, 2020
In Madagascar, a new rice field to support the population
Soeur Marie-Clotilde Razafiarisoa

Cooking and trust - We did it !

October 02, 2020
A safe place to cook at the Gunupur Home in India
Sister Victoria Sigh

Education against Female Genital Mutilation - We did it!

September 14, 2020
10 young girls saved from excision in Tanzania thanks to you!
Sister Stella Maris Mgaya

Hospital chaplaincy in times of COVID

September 03, 2020
You doubted the presence of the Church in a University Hospital?
Sister Bérengère NOËL & Jehanne BOUSSARD