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Learning and growing

January 21, 2022
Create colouring books telling the story of the lives of saints to help educate children in Russia and Ukraine.
Sister Kaja Hečková

All to school in Bangalore - We dit it

January 17, 2022
Digital tools for pupils from poor families
Sister Saleena Thottam

Happy and Holy Year 2022

January 04, 2022
A Holy Year of health, peace and hope
Nicolas PETIT

Olive harvesting at Bhannes Hospital (Lebanon)

December 17, 2021
Every year, in the garden of the hospital of Bhannes, it is the olive harvest! With the situation, the Sisters don't have the means
The volunteers of the Work of the Orient

What would I be without a roof - We did it

December 13, 2021
4 families keep their house, entirely renovated thanks to your generosity
Sister Anne Marie UZAYISENGA

True charity closes the eyes and opens the heart

November 30, 2021
Sister Patrícia da Silva Gomes thanks all donors in a video
Sister Patrícia da Silva Gomes

« Life is stronger than anything especially when you have faith! »

November 16, 2021
The hospital of Bhannes (Lebanon) continues to survive from day to day. Sister Elisabeth Noirot tells us...
Soeur Élisabeth Noirot

Roots and Wings - We did it

November 10, 2021
Meals and health care for kindergarten and primary school children in Cameroon
Sœur Têrêxa THUY TRANG

The Ladies of the Nile - We did it

November 09, 2021
Equip two health centres to offer the Egyptian population a quality medical service.
Sister Elisabeth Noirot