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Rewards are sent at the end of the collection, for donations corresponding to all funding stages completed.

Yes, until the pre-established end date, contributors can keep supporting a project, and possibly exceed the initial goal of the collection. It is a bonus for the project leader who can thus take her project even farther.

Just go to the project page, under the heading "News". E-mails are also sent at the key stages of the project by the project leader.

The platform promotes development projects in the fields of health, education, women's advancement, rural development, etc. These projects aim at empowering the most vulnerable in a concrete and appropriate way by offering resources and support, whatever their situation, faith or background. This spirit of openness is part of a long philosophical and spiritual tradition of sharing, openness to others, boldness and respect, aiming to restore dignity to those who have lost it.

You can support a project by relaying information about it on your social networks, your website, blog ... or even by email.

By email.

Crowdfunding, or participatory financing, is a funding method that allows project leaders to find support among friends, family, acquaintances and people who are attracted by the project. They present their project on a site dedicated to this purpose, which gives it visibility for a set time period, and makes possible the collection of funds from a large number of individuals without any intermediary. The donors can, if they wish, receive a symbolic reward (thank you message, invitation, etc.)

The fundraising campaign has an announced duration, at the end of which the required amount must be reached; otherwise, the project is not funded. It is therefore a challenge for all, including donors, who are invited to become ambassadors for the project to their networks, in order to create a "viral effect". More than just a means of funding, crowdfunding is therefore a collective adventure, uniting individuals around a humanitarian project.

“The Rosalie Projects” platform is the first Christian crowdfunding site exclusively dedicated to development projects for the most vulnerable. Through this innovative tool launched by the Daughters of Charity, everyone, with a simple act, can become an actor in solidarity, a partner in their action close to people on the ground in 94 countries of the world.
The platform is backed by an Endowment Fund that bears the same name as a Sister, an inspiration for everyone in terms of networking and socially responsible initiatives: Rosalie Rendu. Following in the wake of this emblematic figure of social action, the platform intends to build a network of hope for the most vulnerable people and shares her values: solidarity, dignity and openness.

All the projects presented on the platform are led by Daughters of Charity, often those very close to vulnerable people in all sorts of situations of insecurity. Thanks to their first-hand knowledge of people and their realities, they can propose realistic projects, adapted to their needs, and personally monitor them, in collaboration with others.
The Daughters of Charity, better known as "Sisters of St. Vincent de Paul" or by their cornettes, are members of a religious congregation founded by St. Vincent de Paul in 1633. Their mission throughout the world is to support people in difficulty. Their social impact is considerable, and their boundless motivation helps them imagine unfettered and creative responses to the situations of suffering and injustice they encounter.

If you have an account, you can write a comment on the page reserved for the project. It will be sent to the project leader.

Each crowdfunding platform applies the "all or nothing" rule in its own way, according to which the collected funds are paid to the project leader only if the amount requested is reached.

On "The Rosalie Projects", the amount of the proposed project is divided into several stages (up to 5), corresponding to the actual expenses of the project. The "all or nothing" rule applies only to the first stage: within the time of the campaign, either it is completed and the project leader obtains the amount (in which case the donation is debited at the end of the campaign) or it is not and the money for that stage is returned to the donor.

When a credit card payment transaction is completed, the funds concerned are kept in the donor's e-money account, automatically created at the time of the first donation. The donor, while he may see the amount charged to his bank account, continues to hold the sum in the form of electronic money in his payment account until the end of the campaign. It is only then that the funds are transferred. If the funding stage is not met, you will recover 100% of your contribution, without having to do anything.

Make a donation

Each project is presented with a collection goal and a duration for the campaign. The project can range from 1 to 5 funding stages. An "all or nothing" rule applies for the first stage: if it is not completed during the collection period, donors are not debited for their donation and the project is not funded. Once the first stage is completed, the project is considered funded; all donations are debited at the end of the collection.
If your donation is made during the first stage but it is not met in the end, you have the choice either to re-credit the funds to your personal bank account or to leave them in your payment account to contribute to another project.

Your personal data (name, surname, nickname, date of birth, postal and e-mail addresses) are only accessible to the small platform team, in particular for sending thank you notes and rewards. They are confidential: we do not disclose any information about our users, nor do we provide personal data to third parties or partners under any circumstances. In addition, our database is registered with the National Commission of Informatics and Liberties in accordance with the regulations in force.

Payments are 100% secured by our payment service provider. The bank details of your credit card are directly encrypted with our partner and never appear on the site.

Yes, a contribution can be canceled until the end of the collection period.
This is because the amount you chose to give remains legally your property (in the form of an electronic purse). The money is set aside, but legally it is transferred only at the end of the collection period
To change the amount of a contribution, simply cancel it and make a new one of the amount you want.

No, contributions are only made at the end of the collection period.

If the reward is not sent, do not hesitate to contact us at: [email protected]

Credit card transactions require authorization from your bank, usually coupled with an authentication request. If any of your transactions are declined, we recommend that you wait a few minutes and start over. If the problem persists, contact your bank. If need be, you can also contact us.

To financially support a project, all you have to do is click the button “Back this project” on the corresponding page. If you do not yet have an account on the platform, you will be invited to sign up, by completing a simple form (user name, surname, first name, date of birth, telephone, address, e-mail, and password). Then you will be redirected to the site of our payment service provider.
Once you have confirmed your donation, you can choose which reward you would like to receive. If you do not have an account, you will be asked to create one, then you will be redirected to the site of our payment service provider.

The amounts announced on the platform include the costs of electronic banking invoiced by our banking provider, i.e. a commission of 0.75% + 0.15 € per transaction.
No other commission is established for platform operation; you can support us by clicking on "Support the Network of Hope" on the home page.

You can "anonymize" your donation through the choice of your username in the registration form when creating your account (data can be changed at any time in "My account").
When you make your donation, you can also decide whether to publicly display your pseudonym and the amount of your donation.

Credit card or, depending on the country, Paypal.

My account

Once you have contributed:
- You receive a confirmation email
- You can check on your personal space, in the "List of my contributions."

On the sign in page, click on the link "Forgot your password?" and then follow the instructions.
If you do not see the "Forgot your password?" link below "Sign in", click on the "Sign in" button.

With this account, you have access to all the possibilities offered by the site:
- support projects
- access information for supporters
- contact members of the community
- receive the Rosalie Projects newsletter and keep informed about new projects.

Use your previous e-mail address to sign in. On your personal space, you can then update the new address.


Yes, as the tax authorities gave the Rosalie Rendu Fund permission to issue a receipt for donations. At the end of the year, you will automatically receive a receipt in the form of a Cerfa Form N ° 11580 * 03, which will allow you to deduct 66% of the amount of your contributions from your taxes up to a limit of 20% of your taxable income.

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