A food store – We did it !

2 families financially independent thanks to their small business in Yaoundé, Cameroon.
December 21, 2020
Sr Brigitte Domkam
We did it

Thanks to you 2 families (about 20 people in total) have a stable income which makes them financially independent thanks to the creation of food stands.

Pierre and Brigitte, a couple known to the Daughters of Charity, wanted to open a small grocery store to meet the needs of the neighborhood.

As for Yannik, he had the hope of opening his small butcher shop in the Yaoundé market.

We can read the immense joy of these two families who did not expect to see their lives change in this way.

Brigitte and Pierre says :

« The Mabouteu family has the honor to come to your high benevolence to thank you for the financial assistance you have given them. Indeed, we come from a poor family, which is why our possibilities were only to believe in God so that one day He would take us out of this misery. With your help our prayers have been answered. The Mabouteu family thanks you very much and may God the Absolute Master continue to give you the courage, the will and the goodness to continue your beautiful works. Thank you. »

Thanks to the project, they have been able to purchase the equipment and food stock that now enables them to offer for sale all kinds of everyday consumer goods (pulses, drinks, and various basic products...).

Their small store now allows them to provide for their family's needs.

Yannik AYIWOUO NDAM, for his part, found a small stand available to set up his butcher's store in the Yaoundé market and was able to start renting the space as soon as he received the funds with the help of the Daughters of Charity.

His brother comes regularly to help him because his business is developing very well, today he supports his whole family. He is also very grateful for all that the donors have done for him.

We Daughters of Charity share their joy!

This work also contributes to their socio-professional integration in the city of Yaoundé, and to a greater stability in their family life.


A heartfelt thank you for having changed their lives,

Very Merry Christmas to you and all your loved ones and may God bless you.