At the end of our labours – We did dit !

One family rehoused in Agen and many more in the future
Friday 05 August 2022 02:00
Soeur Marthe Roquebert
We did it

The project

This beautiful project carried out in France has enabled the renovation of a house to provide shelter for families in need.

It was led by Sister Marthe, who works for the association Entr'aidEToit in Agen, whose aim is to renovate houses not used by their owners in exchange for making them available to families in great need.

Sister Marthe explains:

As soon as we received the funding for the project, we called on the contractor Eco Confort to change the windows as quickly as possible.

The contractor came to take all the measurements in order to order the materials needed for the work on the house. The four windows planned were changed: those in the living room, the kitchen and the two bedrooms. The work was completed in one day. Very quickly we saw an improvement in the temperature, thanks to the new waterproofing. The floor was repaired in the damaged areas.

The old windows did not close properly and one window in one of the bedrooms was even broken, replaced only by tape. The comfort of the house has changed completely thanks to the change to PVC and the renovation of the ceilings, the atmosphere has warmed up at the right time as the winter was starting to make itself felt.

In a second phase, we called in the painter from the "Coup de Pouce" company, who quickly got to work.

The beneficiaries have rediscovered the joy of having a beautiful home, and are happy to maintain it in this state. We have really noticed a particular investment from everyone to take great care of this house.

The painter had the good idea of offering the children the choice of colour for their room, which makes them want to keep it clean and tidy.

The beneficiaries 

Currently, 4 people (a father and his three children) are benefiting from this project and are waiting for their situation to be regularised. After that, the family will be eligible for social housing and other families will benefit from this house, which is provided free of charge by its owners. 

All of them are really grateful to find a comfort they did not expect.

The father of the family:
"Madam sir,
On behalf of my family, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your generous support of the association entr'aidetoit, without forgetting the help of the Rosalie Projects, which gave financial support for the work to be carried out, among which: the change of the windows, the floor and the painting of the 2 bedrooms and the corridor.
Today we notice a change, and we like to live in a much more renewed and luminous house, the children are also delighted, that's why we took the time to thank you."


For them and for the families to come, with these few simple words I would like to say how grateful I am for your support and your generosity; we thank you very much.