Cooking and trust - We did it !

A safe place to cook at the Gunupur Home in India
October 02, 2020
Sister Victoria Sigh
We did it

For several years our kitchen had been very dilapidated and was in danger of collapsing, it was difficult for the cooks to prepare meals for the children and we had to install an outdoor kitchen area. We asked for help from the donors of the Rosalie Projects to refurbish the place to make it safer.

The old outdoor kitchen

Demolition of the dilapidated kitchen began in February.

It was with difficulty that we managed to bring in workers because of the Coronavirus restrictions on containment and curfew.

In the end, some workers were able to come for the work, taking the necessary precautions, but their arrival was very irregular, which delayed the work.

It was also difficult to obtain the materials needed to start the work, again due to the containment. As a result, the project took longer than expected. The work was finally completed during the summer. The new kitchen changed many things for the home, especially the working conditions of the cook.

Real ventilation, what a change!

It used to be very complicated before cooking for so many children at home, in this space under a makeshift courtyard outside. It was very difficult to cook food during the rainy season so that the children could eat at suitable times. The organisation was complicated, the schedules were rarely fixed. Once the kitchen was renovated, the cook expressed her great gratitude.

In the kitchen with a smile

The children also discovered the renovated kitchen and were very happy at the idea of being able to leave on schedule and to see that their cook would work happily in good conditions.

Joy of having lunch in the kitchen

80 young people, from kindergarten to class 10, as well as the 10 active staff members, benefit from the great help you have given us.

A huge thank you for your generosity, the Gunupur hostel is very grateful for your help.

May God bless you!