Dance the living water - We did it!

Access to water for 25 families in the Chilean desert
Friday 22 July 2022 02:00
Soeur Maria Isabel
We did it

This beautiful Chilean project aimed to finance water storage tanks for the population of the migrant slum in the desert area of Iquique.

In April 2021, during their visits to the families living in the Atacama desert, the Daughters of Charity were able to measure the difficult living conditions marked by the lack of decent housing and the lack of supplies of basic necessities.

In October 2021 : Sister Maria Isabel asked Rosalie Projects to help her finance storage tanks to provide access to water for 25 families.

Thanks to your generosity, 25 tanks of 1,000 litres each were purchased in February.

After a delay of a few months due to market shortages, the tanks were finally delivered to the 25 families in April 2022.

Thanks to these water tanks, their lives have changed: they can prepare their meals on a daily basis, clean themselves and wash their clothes and kitchen utensils.

«  When they go out in the street, they are dignified, happy not to be stared at because of their lack of hygiene. Children go to school without fear of being made fun of. » Sr Maria Isabel

"Enfin du linge propre"

Beneficiary story

7 members of a Venezuelan migrant family lived under a roof of wooden slabs and walls and salvaged objects like many in this slum area. Subjected to bad weather, dust and heat, they had no way to protect themselves properly from the hostile desert environment.

Today, thanks to your generosity, this water tank has changed their lives.

First of all, their diet has changed: water allows them to cook, to clean... The family also has the immense happiness of being able to maintain a certain hygiene and to clean their clothes.

"And another great news: this family uses the water to make bricks with cement and sand from the desert to build a solid house. They are very happy and grateful!" Sr Isabel

I would like to thank all the donors who made this project possible

This is a first step towards a better life for these migrant families (the number of people living in the slum is still growing and has reached 300 families). 

Thank you for helping them on the road to dignity!

With them, thanks to you!