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Computers for learning - We Did It!

In Ukraine, a better future thanks to you
May 22, 2020
Sœur Zofia Ogórek
We did it

In Smotrych, Ukraine, the Daughters of Charity needed help to set up a computer room in the heart of their Foyer, a place of meetings and formation for the city that welcomes many children and young people every day.

Sister Zofia Ogórek tells us about the project :

At the beginning of our project, the first step was to buy the routers and connect the internet connections. After installing this, the next step was to purchase the paints, lighting and blinds to ensure good light in the room. The painting and installation of all this was done and financed by the parents of the children who attend the home. We are glad that the parents of the children have committed to this. We then purchased the computers, educational software and printer and installed them in the newly constructed room.

Thanks to the donations, we were able to carry out all the stages of the project which made us all very happy. The children have since started to learn how to use the Internet with our assistance. We have had several external helpers in addition to the financial donations from the platform, such as the installation and renovation of the room thanks to the parents of the children we have welcomed, as well as a donation of material from Father Piotr who provided us with the offices following a collection for the missions in Poland.

Discover two testimonies:

Mrs. Katia, mother of two children: "I am very happy, thanks to the generosity of good people, the project has been financed. I am sure that my children will have better grades at school after having learned with pleasure on the computer. I could never have afforded to buy a computer for my children or to have internet. Now they can learn to use the computer with the Daughters of Charity and it will give them a better future. Thank you for your generous hearts."

Mrs. Tamiła, a grandmother who helps her daughter raise her six children: "My grandchildren often go to the Sisters' home. It is a great help for us. When they come home, they often tell us that they have learned interesting things thanks to this internet access. I know it is a great opportunity for them; a better start in life. I would never have been able to assure them of that. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for your generosity and your help for us here in Ukraine. »

These computers have a real impact on the lives of the beneficiaries:

"We are all very grateful and the beneficiaries are particularly moved to see that caring people are thinking of them and are affected by their conditions. »

"We are in joy": this phrase is often repeated by the parents of children and young people.

They take advantage of the computer room and are happy to finally have access to computers. They are gradually learning how to use them and how to use them for homework.

Adults can also print, scan or write documents, which makes their lives easier. All the beneficiaries are very grateful for this new fully equipped room.

There are already 5 children, 15 young people and many adults who benefit from the project today.

A big thank you on behalf of all the generous hearted beneficiaries who have contributed to this project !

Listen to their thanks in song: