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The Daughters of Charity offered six young people from Dschang (Cameroon) the opportunity to resume their studies.
February 03, 2022
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Good education, good fruit! The Daughters of Charity have offered six young people from Dschang (Cameroon) the opportunity to resume their studies and accompany them in their training for professional integration.

Since 2016, a civil war has caused social problems in addition to the difficulties experienced in their homes. These young people had dropped out of school to help their families.

During the presentation of the Rosalie Project a few months ago, they expressed their desire to resume their studies in order to have a chance to get out of the difficulties encountered in their daily lives. This Rosalie Project has made it possible to finance a scholarship for each of them. 

Sister Anna, the bearer of this Rosalie Project, says:

«As soon as we received the money from the Rosalie Projects, we went to the various schools to register and pay the school fees. Then we bought the school supplies and uniforms for the girls. These children are very traumatised by the war and the Anglophone crisis. They have been displaced from their villages. Unfortunately, some of them have lost one or two parents. All of them have seen their families lose their property. They found it very difficult to project themselves into a serene future

An individual donor, sensitive to the fate of these displaced children, has also supported this project alongside Rosalie Projects.  His charitable support allows the project to be fully funded, which is more than expected.

Young people who had reason to hope ...

Having lost both parents, Helena had lost hope of returning to school. She was sinking psychologically. Finally, she was relieved when the Sisters told her that she could now resume her studies.


Abandoned by her father at birth, Felicitas suffered with her sister from the Anglophone crisis. On the other hand, her mother, who was trying to secure her daughters' future by working in the fields, lost her job.


Like Ngong and Gaelle, who are also fatherless, these four girls will be able to resume their studies, have a uniform and school supplies, and be able to interact socially with others their age.

Gaelle et Ngong - bonne-education-bons-fruits-projets-rosalie

Idriss will also resume his higher education at the National Polytechnic School of Duala. He is currently training to become a welder while waiting for the next school year to take a professional master's degree in Electrical Engineering and Automation.

bonne education bons fruits projets rosalie

For Kevin, everything changed when his father had problems in his job and was  was sent to prison.  The financial situation became critical for the family. Indeed, he had to interrupt his studies to help his mother support her younger brothers and sisters with "odd jobs". Concerned that he was drifting into gangs of idle youth, the Daughters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul offered him the chance to return to university to study management.

Bonne éducation, bons fruits - Projets Rosalie

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