If Mum, If – We did it

A shop in Cameroon to help Stephanie provide for her 6 children
February 10, 2021
Soeur Katarzyna Chmielewska
We did it

This professional reintegration project is one of the many projects run by the Daughters of Charity, which aim to help women gain financial independence. This project benefited Stéphanie in 2020, who had to interrupt her work in order to look after her young daughter Paola, who was affected by various handicaps and had to undergo major operations.

Stephanie had already run a small shop selling clothes and everyday items; her dream was to go back to work to provide for her children. After three years of good management and a clientele waiting to reopen, all that was missing was the funds to buy the goods.

Sister Katarzyna says
We received the funds from Rosalie's projects in April 2020 but it was only in May that we were able to buy the supplies and find the location for Stephanie's shop because Covid19 hit Cameroon in the meantime and everything was postponed.

Once the little shop was set up and the goods received, Stephanie tidied up and showed us how much she loved her work and how much she had missed it.

She actually took some pleasure in the selection and installation of the items for sale.

In June, the shop was able to open and from the very first days, the customers were there. It was a great joy for Stéphanie to see that her selection was always so popular.

From the first day of opening, her objective was very precise: to save money to ensure a capital that would allow her to keep her small shop going. Now that several sales/purchase cycles have taken place, she can finally use the profits to provide for her family.

Thanks to this project, Stephanie has become financially independent
It has helped her to overcome other difficult times in her life. Her husband left with another woman (polygamy is allowed in the country) and refuses to help Stephanie raise their children.

Without this project, Stephanie would never have been able to provide for her 6 children.

Thanks to you, every morning she prepares her children and sends them to school in the same way she goes to work. When school is over, they meet her at the shop where they wait for the day to end by doing their homework until it's time to go home with their mum.

Thanks to you, Stephanie is able to feed her family despite her husband's absence.

She and her 6 children benefit concretely from this project, as well as the population who are happy to find articles they like in the shop (clothes, cosmetics, bags, shoes, etc.).

"Dear donors,

I have the honour to come and present my most sincere thanks for the help I have received from you.

It has enabled me to open my little shop as planned even though the Covid19 pandemic delayed the project. However, as soon as I started selling the items I had chosen, my clientele grew and I now feel relieved that my children no longer lack food.

I do not forget to thank the good God who allows you to accept with a big heart to help us here to face all our difficulties. This shop allows me to ensure the children's health expenses, their schooling and their nutrition. The opening of this shop has fulfilled my dream of giving them a future.

Dear donors, for this I cannot thank you enough. I send you my most distinguished greetings."



I join Stephanie in thanking you for your generosity dear donors:

without you, nothing would have been possible!