Just yesterday - We did it !

40 women with quality medical care in Cameroon
Wednesday 21 December 2022 01:00
Soeur Lorraine Toko
We did it !

This beautiful project aimed to help the elderly and isolated people of Midjivin in Cameroon.

The priority was to fight against the use of bad street drugs and to improve their living conditions through quality medical care and follow-up.

Sister Lorraine says:

Following numerous complaints from elderly women, the sisters had requested the help of St Theresa of the Child Jesus Hospital in Moutourwa, which allowed one of its doctors to participate in mobile consultations in the area to ascertain the extent of the women's needs. As a result, many were rushed to hospital for thorough medical examinations and appropriate follow-up (usually suffering from very high blood pressure and lung infections).

The generosity of the donors first allowed us to finance the emergency care of these women.

We were also able to organise regular (once a month) rounds in the area to offer consultations to the sick women. The Daughter of Charity in charge of the hospital and a qualified nurse, accompanied by a doctor, travels to the surrounding area and offers basic treatments such as deworming, medical examinations, and treatment of infections diagnosed during the visits.

Today, this project is a real motivation for these elderly people because they see their health concerns gradually fade away thanks to the care they receive. They are full of praise for the Rosalie Projects. They are more serene and confident in the future because they admit: "We feel taken into consideration and cared for". The feeling of abandonment that haunted most of them is no longer present. Their faces glow with joy. 

Thanks to your generosity, some 40 elderly and isolated women are now receiving quality care.

The project has a breathtaking, community-based outreach.

We are delighted with its impact on the daily lives of its beneficiaries. With gratitude, we believe that we have achieved the objectives mentioned in this project, namely

To provide care to about 40 poor elderly people
To physically and psychologically relieve their pain or suffering
To increase their life expectancy if possible
To give them the joy of living and hope
To fight against the spread of medicines of dubious quality: "street medicines".

Sister Ines, who runs the Home for the Elderly in MIdjivin, who are also beneficiaries of the project, thanks you in video:

With them, thanks to you!