The future is ours - We Did It

A multimedia study room in Paraguay
Friday 17 November 2023 00:00
Sister Juana María Araujo Miranda
We did it

In Carapeguà, Paraguay, at the "Virgen Poderosa" school opened in 1962, the sisters look after more than 500 pupils from nursery to secondary school, mainly young people from families with limited financial resources.

The aim of the "The future is ours" project was to equip a classroom with audiovisual equipment to develop multimedia learning. The teachers had realised the extent to which access to digital technology could facilitate student learning.

A joint project for the school year ending in November 2023

Firstly, the educational community identified the room where teachers could most easily teach with audiovisual equipment. Next, the available space was analysed to optimise the equipment project. Finally, once the budget had been established, the school commissioned several quotes and made the purchases.

A timetable was drawn up for the use of the multimedia room, and 620 students now benefit from it.

More interesting, more engaging, more participative, more effective learning

The projection room has a very significant impact on students. Pupils are more motivated and understand lessons better because they are didactic without being boring or tedious, thanks to audiovisual aids.

"Students say it is now a pleasure to study history, science, religious culture and other subjects."
Sr Juana María Araujo Miranda

Teachers can show multimedia content such as videos, documentaries and interactive presentations, which help to improve pupils' understanding and acquisition of information, and thus their academic performance.

"In our country, because of the government system, public schools like ours only receive enough money to pay teachers' salaries. All other needs are covered by donations from benefactors.

This is why we are so grateful for the generosity of the Rosalie Projects donors.

Our needs are many and we would like to do another project to purchase a sound system for the school's pastoral and cultural events... "

 Sr Juana María Araujo Miranda