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The Daughters of Charity and Fidesco in Madagascar during Covid-19

"If you bear much fruit, this is how my Father will be glorified, and you will be my disciples." John 15:8
June 16, 2020
Soeur Marie-Clarisse et Jean-Baptiste missionnaire Fidesco
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Accompanied by Fidesco volunteers during this period of pandemic, the Daughters of Charity of Farafangana in Madagascar continue their missions of charity to the poorest.

Jean-Baptiste, a Fidesco missionary, testifies:
We share with the world the conditions of confinement, especially as the cases are increasing every day at the moment in Madagascar, even if they are still limited (about 800 at this date).
The situation is not getting any better and is particularly affecting Madagascar and our missions.
The school has been closed since the end of March, except for the exam classes (CM2, 3èmes and Terminales) which resumed classes in mid-April with compulsory distances and masks.
For the other classes, we have recently set up home revision: the teachers prepare revision subjects and the pupils come to school to collect them with masks and compulsory hand washing.
We are experiencing difficulties with the school as many parents are no longer paying their children's monthly school fees. We manage to pay the teachers as long as our reserves allow but this makes our financial situation very fragile. We hope for a normal recovery as soon as possible!

On the works side, the economic consequences of this crisis are being felt and the price of basic necessities such as rice has risen sharply: this crisis is occurring during the lean season, the period between two rice harvests, which makes the country even more dependent on imports, and the closure of the borders with Asia has led to significant inflation.
We have benefited from the help of Fidesco to buy rice among other things. The number of poor people who come to our doors is increasing and we do everything we can to help all these needy people.
We have adapted our ways of serving by wearing masks and distancing ourselves, but here the first necessity is still food. All our missions are maintained and the beneficiaries are increasing.
Let us remain united in prayer