« Life is stronger than anything especially when you have faith! »

The hospital of Bhannes (Lebanon) continues to survive from day to day. Sister Elisabeth Noirot tells us...
November 16, 2021
Soeur Élisabeth Noirot
Actualité Filles de la charité Daughters of Charity

Featured in the Rosalie Project "The Essence of Life" currently being funded, the Bhannes Hospital Center is located in a rural area approximately 30 km north of Beirut, Lebanon. With all the strength of the Sisters of the Daughters of Charity and their dedicated staff, the center continues to survive day to day. Sister Elisabeth Noirot shares with us the activities of the community these last days.


A Covid-19 vaccination campaign

Vaccination covid-19 - L

At the end of October 2021, the hospital center launched a "first dose Covid-19" vaccination campaign for local school children as well as anyone else who wanted it. The entire hospital team was operational and professional in preparing the center. The vaccination day was a success as the facility was able to accommodate approximately 600 people!


The olive harvest at the hospital of Bhannes

Cueillette des olives - L

The Daughters of Charity called upon young French volunteers from the region to come and help them, as the Sisters did not have the financial means to recruit salaried personnel.

The picking is done according to the "old-fashioned" method. It consists of using wooden rakes or simple sticks to allow the olives to fall onto tarpaulins that have been previously placed on the ground between the rows of olive trees. Some young volunteers have even gone so far as to climb the trees to make them fall.

Most of the olives are harvested this way. Once collected, the olives will be pressed in a mill to make oil.


Celebration of the deceased

Célébration des défunts - L

On November 2nd, the Daughters of Charity, accompanied by the staff of the hospital center, gathered for the commemoration of all the deceased. A sunny day under the sign of prayer and Eucharist in the cemetery.

Sister Elizabeth also brought us these words: « (...) unfortunately we are in survival! But we continue to hope and to make plans. Life is stronger than anything, especially when you have faith! We try to keep our morale up. This does not prevent difficulties but these moments of joy allow us to hold on. Thank you again for all that you do to allow us to continue our missions in the world! »

She concludes with this request, "I am desperately looking for volunteers in the paramedical field."


« May God bless you and all those who support your projects and help us in the field! »

Sœur Élisabeth