One day a woman – We did it !

10 self-employed women in Rwanda
Tuesday 18 October 2022 02:00
We did it

A big thank you to all the donors for having supported this beautiful entrepreneurial project for the benefit of women in Rwanda. Thanks to you, 10 women have regained their financial autonomy and pride in working to support their families.

This beautiful project started in January 2022 by making the women aware of their training potential and providing them with the means to carry out their project.

We then sought funds to complete the financing and established the operational objectives of each one. At the same time we opened an account for those who did not have one.

This summer we bought the goods and started the businesses of each of them. We set up regular visits to their workplaces to assess their business to ensure that they were well equipped to run their small businesses.

We were happy to have the encouragement of market leaders and suppliers of goods.

10 women running their own small businesses

These 10 women were particularly poor and ostracised, living from street sales with a basket on their head.

This beautiful project has enabled them to develop a real business with a place in the market, among the other merchants. They learn with joy from the former traders who willingly share their experience. Now they feel dignified and respected.

This stand allows them to have fixed hours in order to be present in their homes to look after their children. They can also meet their family's daily needs and set aside time for emergencies.


"My name is Vestine, I am a mother of three children. May the peace of God be with you. I would like to thank you for the help I received which enabled me to get off the street by removing the basket from my head. Everyone is surprised, including the local authorities, to see me trading like this, sitting in a nice shop like this. My neighbours want to know the person who saved my life. Really, I have regained my dignity and respect among others. I don't have to worry about cooking a balanced meal, or paying for my children's school fees or clothing.

Thanks to you, I have started a small retail business where I offer many things: vegetables, charcoal, flour, rice, cooked beans, different kinds of drinks... So far I have saved more than 150,000 Rwandan Francs in my bank account which I will use to repair my house. This help has also taught me to be supportive and to share with others who are in need. Today I am helping a young boy to start a small donut business. I thank you very much and the Lord for your love which has given me back the dignity of a Rwandan mother. May God shower you with his blessings."

This project has helped 10 families, 52 people in total.

"We simply say a big thank you on behalf of the beneficiaries, our Sisters who have accompanied the mothers closely. Your support came in time to relieve the poor mothers. They are in joy and thanksgiving for having a job that helps them to earn their living with dignity. THANK YOU, GOD BLESS YOU!"