Renewable energy in India - We did it

Children and elderly women now have hot water at the Foyer
January 25, 2021
Sr. Veronica Minj
We did it

The Vincent Charity Centre is located in the Balasore district in the eastern part of Odisha, India.

It is a home for elderly women and a home for children of poor parents who are affected by leprosy.

The facility is non-profit making and all facilities are offered free of charge. There are 30 children from very modest backgrounds aged 6 to 10 years old and 15 sick and destitute women aged 60 to 90 years old.

During the winter Balasore is very cold which makes life very difficult for the elderly and children.

The project aimed to facilitate access to hot water through a solar panel heating system in order to provide hot showers to the residents. Countering the extreme cold and diseases with disinfected water.

Sister Victoria tells us :

As soon as the funds were received, we activated the project with the help of Asha Technology, Bhubaneswar and the equipment was purchased.

The installation of the solar water heating system was successfully completed. Four solar panels were installed on the roof of the centre together with two large tanks. The solar panels heat the equivalent of 1000 litres of hot water now available to the residents.

The day of the installation was unforgettable for young and old alike who were able to start using this long-awaited hot water source straight away.

This very economical and innovative solution is completely changing the lives of the residents. They are no longer afraid of icy water, they no longer postpone showers (children often used to hide from them), they no longer fear skin diseases, and they no longer complain of colds and coughs.

For the elderly, the destitute and children, hot water is available on demand for all their needs. They are very happy to be able to use it for bathing, for treating aches and pains, for drinking and even for cooking.

The maintenance of the solar water heating system will be carried out regularly by the person in charge of the house. Every year, an external mechanic will be called in to carry out the annual maintenance and servicing, in order to keep the system in good condition.

This solar system has done a lot of good to this institution, the happiness and joy of young and old alike has been a daily occurrence since the realisation of this magnificent project.

With sincere gratitude, we, the members of the Saint Vincent Charity Centre, address our thanks and love to each and every donor of the "Rosalie's projects" for this great and precious gift, which makes our lives happier and healthier.

Thank you GOD and thank you all, dear benefactors - May God bless you in your beautiful mission, we assure you of our humble daily prayers.