The Magic Table - We did it!

A great escape for the patients of the senior home La Providence
October 23, 2020
Soeur Pia & Aurélie Gadet
We did it

The objective of this project was to acquire a "Magic Table", a non-drug therapeutic tool designed to fight against the loss of autonomy of elderly people with Alzheimer's disease and cognitive disorders and to offer them a parenthesis of happiness.

This innovative care technology has brought real benefits, both in terms of the behaviour of individuals and in their relationships with families and caregivers.

Thanks to your generosity, 6292€ have been collected and the Table has arrived at the residence "La Providence" du Coteau: THANK YOU!!

Sister Pia Fille de la Charité and nurse Aurélie Gadet, the project's promoters, tell us about their experience:

Because of the pandemic, all the residents had been confined to their rooms as of the weekend of 07/08 March 2020. Lunch and evening meals were taken in the rooms, except for the St. Catherine service (because of the pathology of the residents) and no outside visits were allowed at the EHPAD since March 10.

In this very particular and unusual period of rupture of the link with the outside world for our residents, we have tried to limit the "consequences" that the confinement could have on them. To do so, we have refocused ASEP facilitators and staff on maintaining contact with families. Through telephone and Visio calls, families and residents were able to connect with each other and exchange news with staff.

Following the collection on the Rosalie Projects platform, and with the help of the hospitals in France to complete the financing, the long-awaited arrival of this Magic Table was providential for us.

Le jeu de la musique

Since its installation during the month of June, the Magic Table has magnificently contributed to offer pleasure to the weakened residents, by stimulating their cognitive and intellectual capacities. The various games allow participants to perform simple and playful actions by interacting with the lights: looking for ladybugs under leaves, bursting soap bubbles, sweeping leaves or playing ball ...

Each game is different, yet based on fun and wonder. The games react to hand movements, even slow ones, and offer contrasting images for everyone to use. It is also possible to display song lyrics with music, or proverbs.

The Magic Table has also energized the team during this very difficult period... What a joy to see faces light up, glances and smiles exchanged!

Since the visits are again authorized (with the barrier gestures) the families of the residents have access to the protected unit and can observe their loved one in action with the various games. Moments full of emotion!

Le jeu des feuilles

The impact of the project

The magic table allows residents to spend an entertaining moment, interacting with others and accompanied by a caregiver. People with good abilities still understand what is being asked of them and quickly get into the game; those with less ability observe and are then stimulated to mobilize their attention and hand motor skills. According to the participants, verbal exchanges take place, memories are evoked, and interaction with caregivers stimulates cognitive abilities, allowing them to open up a little, to interact even with residents who are usually passive.

We had a good example of this with one of the service's residents who no longer participated in any of the proposed activities. One day she agreed to come and sit around the Magic Table, and participated in the balloon game. We saw her attention was transformed: she reacted, was stimulated by the ball, tried to catch it... After the session, she was calm and seemed to be present contrary to her habit.

The amount of time spent on activities varies from person to person, but residents stay an average of 20 minutes per session.

The service is composed of 30 residents and approximately 20 people benefit from the Magic Table each week.


A big thank you to all the donors for their generosity !

Thanks to you, the residents find smiles and attention again.