Transforming lives in Kediri - We did it !

A micro-enterprise project in Indonesia to emerge from poverty
March 22, 2021
Soeur Netty
We did it

Thanks to you, Sister Netty's Indonesian project to help poor families in Java has been 100% funded!

Sister Netty tells us:

This entrepreneurial micro-project of production and sale of "salted eggs" benefits 5 families who were previously in very delicate situations: with the arrival of Covid, most of them had found themselves without work and in a very precarious situation.

This project has enabled them to earn a stable salary to limit their fear of tomorrow and no longer depend on an employer who could terminate their contract.

Mrs Marmi and her daughter were particularly involved in setting up the project. The trainings took place at their home and everyone now knows the secret of good salted eggs thanks to her long-standing experience.

It is a family that can now support itself while paying the internet subscription for the children's distance learning, the medical expenses of the disabled father, pay off the outstanding loan and even save some money.

As salted eggs in our country are usually stamped with a specific name (the brand name), Miss Endah and her family chose the name "WAHYU" which means "revelation".

Mr Hans now offers takeaway food with a variety of recipes. The online business is doing very well and the number of customers is growing. His salted egg dishes are renowned for their quality, and his son helps him with deliveries in the city.

The money for running costs and the purchase of duck eggs, once paid back by the first sales cycle, is used to buy duck eggs for the next cycle. We have also invested in refrigerators to store uncooked eggs for longer periods.

The funds have not yet been fully used because the renovation and construction of the workshops could not yet be completed (we are waiting for the certificates of ownership of the land issued by the city). In the meantime, production is taking place in the family homes and everyone hopes to have a suitable space available very soon.

In anticipation of the unsold products, we thought of making salted egg crackers. This idea came from Mr Hans. After watching the video on YouTube, we ordered the crackers online and enjoyed them together. We decided to focus only on the sale of salted eggs, which is working well for the moment, but let's keep that in mind.

I make sure to visit the families regularly to help them with their accounts and to make sure that their micro-business is profitable. So this project is financially self-sufficient for the 5 families.

We are grateful that this project is ongoing, even if the start-up of the microenterprise is slow and we sometimes encounter some obstacles (some weeks our supplier has difficulties to supply us with raw material and Covid continues to spread instability in the country), but we have faith in Providence and we know that this activity will continue.

The empowerment of poor families is our priority and this project responds concretely to it, we will continue to reflect on the evolutions that will improve it and respond to more and more essential needs.

May God keep you, thank you for your generosity!