As the water flows
As the water flows : Accès à l’eau et l’hygiène pour une personne âgée
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Brandys nad Labem-Stará Boleslav is located in the Czech Republic and was formed by the merger of two towns. Today, it has a population of more than 16,000.

 "Our community is composed of 6 sisters. Together we serve the homeless, the elderly, the sick and poor families" Sr. Veronika

"In our city, there are not enough jobs for everyone. Most people go to Prague, the capital, which is very close. There are only a few small businesses in the city and some of them employ only people from Ukraine and Mongolia, because they are cheap labor. Many of the inhabitants of Stara Boleslav live in great poverty".

In 2017 and 2018, Sr. Veronika had approached Rosalie Projects to install, furnish, and equip containers to house homeless people and then run electricity to them.

The Project: Renovating a shower for Irenka

"Last year we were contacted by the Department of Social Affairs asking us to help a woman" Sr. Veronika

Irenka is 60 years old and slightly mentally handicapped. She lives alone in the house, trying to cope as best she can.

"Irenka has recently found a job adapted to her disability; she works in workshops where she folds envelopes and paper bags, but her income is low: she can only pay for her food and basic expenses" Sr Veronika

The conditions in which she lives are miserable. She hasn't had heat for 11 years and has survived winters wrapped in blankets.
 "We are trying to help her integrate into society and enjoy life again,to give him back a sense of dignity.
Last year, thanks to a benefactor, we were able to buy a stove to keep her warm in winter. Now we need a shower for Irenka because her bathroom is in very bad shape."


«From time to time, we take her to a homeless shelter so she can shower and go to work properly.
We would like to repair the bathroom in her house, but we don't have the financial means to do so.» Sr Veronika

This bathroom can also be used by other women who do not have access to hygiene and water

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Sr Veronika Margeťáková

Je suis Sr Veronika Margeťáková, Fille de la Charité de Saint Vincent de Paul. Je suis slovaque, et je vis à Stará Boleslav, en République tchèque. Je travaille à l'hôpital en tant qu'infirmière et j'aide également les personnes en situation difficile, notamment à domicile.

Brandýs nad labem
Czech Republic