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« Life is stronger than anything especially when you have faith! »

November 16, 2021
The hospital of Bhannes (Lebanon) continues to survive from day to day. Sister Elisabeth Noirot tells us...
Soeur Élisabeth Noirot

Roots and Wings - We did it

November 10, 2021
Meals and health care for kindergarten and primary school children in Cameroon
Sœur Têrêxa THUY TRANG

The Ladies of the Nile - We did it

November 09, 2021
Equip two health centres to offer the Egyptian population a quality medical service.
Sister Elisabeth Noirot

« You are the mothers and sisters of the poor », says the Pope

November 08, 2021
On the occasion of the 10th General Assembly of the Daughters of Charity, Pope Francis addressed a solemn message to them on video
Nicolas Petit

Enlightening the Minds

October 29, 2021
Solar panels to power the Elikya library
Sister Léontine NDONGO

Au Bonheur des Dames of Burkina Faso

October 19, 2021
Professional integration of 11 women who have become independent through entrepreneurship
Sister Veronica Acheneje DC

My home, my shelter - We did it

October 08, 2021
In Tanzania, construction of two houses for life
Sr Bibiane Bokamba Nzali

The Mission of the Daughters of Charity in Egypt

October 06, 2021
Sisters of the shadow, exceptional women: In Koussieh, the little hands of God
Églantine Gabaix-Hialé

A legacy for the future - We did it

September 28, 2021
The success of conservation agriculture in Cameroon
Sister Lilian SIRRI