A future for 15 young people - We did It

15 young graduates of a CAP in Cameroon thanks to you!
November 27, 2020
Sr. Maria Pilar RIOS SIDRO
We did it

The project "A future for 15 young people" at the Collège Sainte Louise began in the school year 2O17-2018 with 6 young people in the 4th year taking a CAP at the end of the year, 6 young people in the 3rd year and 3 in the 2nd year.

Of the 6 students who passed the CAP in 2017-2018, many continued their studies at the Technical High School of Dschang or other cities (Douala, Yaoundé, Bafoussam) because our school only teaches until the 4th year.

Some of the girls have married and decided not to continue their studies but they can still live thanks to what they have learned here, especially in sewing, cooking and management: they are doing well.

The 6 young people in 3ème who had done well in 2017-2018 also did very well in 2018-2019 in the 4th year and the CAP. There are also some young people, especially girls, who have continued their studies.

The 3 young students in the 2nd year at the time of the project have done well and have continued in 2018-2019 the 3rd year with good results too. This year they are in 4th year and are preparing for their CAP. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, they stayed at home between 21 March and finally resumed classes with protective measures on 1 June.

They passed their exams in August and are now graduates. Some will continue with the IBC if they wish.

Every school year we have a very good success of our students and the College receives a diploma from the State with our congratulations.

This project in partnership with the Rosalie Projects has made it possible to finance tuition fees, school materials and the tools necessary for the courses of 15 young people.

We can say that the project has had a strong impact on the lives of these young people. Thanks to celan, they have been able to attend classes without the anxiety of not being able to pay the school fees or lacking the necessary materials for the different subjects or practical classes. Their families too are very grateful and relieved to see the children happy to be able to study like their other classmates.

The case of the young N.MJ deserves to be told.

When he began his first year at the Collège, in 2016-2017, he was very difficult, delinquent and a thief. His family situation did not help him. His father was in prison and his stepmother paid no attention to him. He had lost the taste for life. An intelligent boy, he had nevertheless managed to pass his first year in the Social and Family Economy branch.

When the scholarships from the Rosalie Projects arrived, we had a serious discussion together and I told him that he could continue studying to obtain his CAP thanks to people who had made donations to help him.

After this interview, he understood that he had to change his behaviour to prepare for his future. He pledged not to disappoint the people who, without knowing him, had believed in him. From that moment on we observed great changes in his behaviour. He got good marks in 2nd and 3rd and this year he passed his CAP, which he obtained with flying colours. He is also preparing for his baptism. He has become another boy, very gifted for cooking, he dreams of opening a small restaurant later on and being able to live a dignified life thanks to his work.

Really this project has been a great help for these 15 young people. They give thanks to God and are very grateful to the people who have contributed to their studies and who have enabled them to take their future into their own hands.

They bear witness:

"Dear benefactors.

We don't know how to thank you for what you have done for us. It is thanks to your generosity that we were able to study up to the CAP.

For the most part with the knowledge we acquired we worked during the holidays and continued the second cycle. Others got married.

So this is what we have become:

-- 3 girls got married

-- 2 boys work in the city of Douala

-- 3 girls are in Terminal class.

-- 5 girls in 1st Year

-- 1 girl in 2nd year

-- 1 boy in 2nd year.

We are also very grateful to the Sisters who supervised us at the College because thanks to their dedication and accompaniment we have arrived at what we are today. And of course your generosity has given us the opportunity to study.

We cannot forget you in our prayers. May the Lord reward you and keep you always in peace.

Your children :

DJIOTSOP Ladouce, KEGNE Daniella, NGUENA Bethanie, NGUENA Jovial, MGUIMJOU Junior, FLODINE Anabelle, TADJUIDJE Danielle, KENFACK Brenda, TADJUIDJE Coralie, LOICA, ATSAFACK Corine, TIGOMO Averic, TIBA Murielle, DJUIKA Charnelle, NGUENA VERA Merveille.