Au Bonheur des Dames of Burkina Faso

Professional integration of 11 women who have become independent through entrepreneurship
October 19, 2021
Sister Veronica Acheneje DC
We did it

While on mission in Burkina Faso, a country where agriculture occupies 90% of the population, Sister Veronica led the project "Au Bonheur de dames". It has enabled women to become professionally integrated through entrepreneurship and to offer their children a better future.

The financing of this project was a success thanks to your generosity.


Training for harvesting


The implementation of this project began with a two-day training course by three professionals specialised in small business support, who supervised the voluntary and motivated women.

Each of the participants received personalised training: from selling food products for some to market gardening and farming for others, or livestock breeding, depending on their preferred field. The training focused on entrepreneurial creation and management to teach them to focus on long-term returns rather than immediate profit.

The participants were very grateful for the opportunity to develop their skills in this as yet unknown business model and were further motivated to develop their project to make it profitable and sustainable.

The Daughters of Charity oversaw every step of the implementation of the project: from training to the purchase of materials for the participants. As with any innovative project, there were some problems with fluctuating prices. For example, the price of cereals and sheep had increased compared to the budgeted price. As a result, the number of sheep and bags of grain originally planned was reduced to allow the project to continue.


Marie, an happy new entrepreneur


Marie had a dream for many years: to raise poultry. But due to financial constraints, this dream could not become reality until... this project made her smile again!
Poultry farming is now a great help to him. The family could not be more grateful for the help they have received.
To show their gratitude, Marie and her children even came to the Daughters of Charity house to testify: "We are so grateful for the help we received; it gives my family hope to wake up every morning. We will do our best, we will not give up. May God bless all the donors of Rosalie Projects.


The beneficiaries


11 women benefited from the training and financial support to start their own microenterprise in order to be able to work independently and on their own account.

Including their families, more than 85 people have benefited from the project.

In more detail, here is the list of women and their small production unit:

Amandine: selling maize in bags

Edwige: raising 300 poultry

Awa: selling vegetables

Sabine: selling beans in bags

Berenes: selling her cultivated rice

Zagnalo: vegetable production

Blandine: breeding of 10 sheep

Julienne: sale of vegetable oil

Rosalie: food shop.

Eveline: breeding of 10 sheep

Marie: breeding of 300 poultry


Several months later... 

Led by Sister Veronica, the Diocesan Family Ministry Team regularly visits each of the new entrepreneurs to ensure that they are on track for their small businesses to flourish.

In addition, the caring team has engaged with the members of each family to ensure that they see entrepreneurship as an emergent process that will last and help the family in the future.


Sister Veronica's final words 


The impact has been immeasurable; it has given new women entrepreneurs a sense of security, dignity and pride in waking up in the morning with a job that brings hope. They used to wake up wondering what they were going to do all day... But now they are happy to have work. Their joy knows no bounds. They are very grateful to the donors of the Rosalie Projects and the Daughters of Charity of the diocese of Nouna.

"May God bless you as you continue the work that St Vincent left behind. We hope to continue to help other women. The project was really useful and promising and it really changed the lives of those families you touched."