Building to rebuild - We did it!

Renovated housing in Agen to accommodate families in difficulty
June 08, 2021
Sister Marthe Roquebert
We did it

Thanks to you, this beautiful French project to renovate housing for people in difficulty was able to see the light of day: 4940€ were collected!

Sister Marthe says:

As soon as we received the funding from the Rosalie Projects, we contacted the different trades to start the work.

The "Coup de Pouce" craftsman, not having the plumbing skills, advised us to hire a tradesman.

At the beginning of February, he began work on the bathroom: removal of the bidet and installation of a drain and water inlet for the washing machine, with the installation of an appropriate electrical socket. The electrical network was not strong enough for the washing machine socket, so the electrical panel had to be replaced.


The shower before and after


The origin of the water leaks was found and solved for the shower and the washbasin, and in order to save energy a thermostat was installed on the radiators of the house.

We also had to change the kitchen sink, which was very old and installed too low. Finally, as the drainage system was no longer up to standard, the drainage pipes had to be extended by several metres.



The kitchen sink before / after


Finally, the small exterior door to the cellar was no longer airtight and was changed to limit water infiltration and humidity.

The painter arrived in turn the last week of February and started by stripping the living room, cleaning the ceiling, filling the holes in the walls, sanding and repainting the walls and woodwork. Once the painting was finished, the floor (old plastic coating) was replaced by floating floor.



Walls and ceiling - before/after

The bathroom was repainted and the mould problems were treated. Finally the furnishings were completed with a towel rack, a medicine cabinet and shower curtains.

The workers understood the project and charged us a low price and gave us some small supplies.

The beneficiaries of the project are very grateful:

"It's nice now that we have a kitchen with this sink, before I used to break my back when I washed the dishes".


Luis, the youngest member of the family: "Now the living room is really nice".




For the time being, a family with three children is temporarily accommodated in this renovated house. They are happy to have a dignified place to live until they have a more stable situation. The association "Entraid'toit" was committed to maintaining the house and the work that has been started is a credible proof of that, we would like to be able to continue it as the families benefit from it in the future.

"I am Francisco's eldest daughter and I am writing to thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you have done for my family. We are all happy because today we have a roof over our heads. Braudia

When the situation of this first family is regularized, other families will be able to settle down to benefit from this periodic help.


Thanks to you, this family is safe in a decent place.

A big THANK YOU for your help in this project!