The essence of life - We did it !

A tank of petrol to run a hospital in Lebanon
April 28, 2022
Soeur Elisabeth Noirot
We did it

The project

This project in Lebanon aimed to finance a fuel storage tank to run the hospital in Bhannes.

Several steps were necessary to complete the project. Sister Elisabeth explains:

First of all we selected the land that would receive the tank and then the hospital's maintenance staff put their hearts into preparing, clearing and levelling it so that they could then pour the concrete slab on which it would rest.

It was then transported and installed in its intended location in the hospital grounds.

We then had it filled with fuel oil, hospitals have a storage permit and priority access through government legislation.


Without it, fuel is rationed throughout the country.

The beneficiaries

The beneficiaries are all the patients admitted to the hospital as well as all the employees who live there

On average 130 patients per day, as well as the 30 resident employees, 8 sisters from the hospital community and the home for 30 elderly sisters.

198 people benefit from this project on a daily basis.

The impact on the beneficiaries 

Reassured by the continuity of the heating and especially the production of electricity by the generators, the whole management and maintenance team was much more relaxed and worked with more heart.  This action of Providence has given hope to everyone here because we are touching with our finger the great love of God for his children and the reality of his Presence in our midst in times of trial! 

At the bottom of her bed Mrs S was delighted that she no longer needed to carry several heavy blankets for her and sends you all her gratitude to say thank you for the grace of the heating.

Mr R now comes in every day as an outpatient to learn to walk again! He is happy to find a nice warm place to do his exercises when at home he has no heating!

Mrs. J bravely endures her occupational therapy sessions! She is very cold and enjoys the fact that she is not as cold to work.

"Dear friends and benefactors

At last, it's here! Thanks to you we have finally been able to get our tank and install it. It will really help us, especially now that winter has taken hold and the snow has reached us today, so we have to heat the services and the houses more! This reserve of 30,000 litres allows us to last between 10 and 15 days. Of course we limit the heating time as much as possible but it also feeds the generator which works 23 hours a day!

Thank you very much! Your generosity gives us even more courage and enthusiasm to continue our fight to stand up and resist against all odds in order to continue welcoming the sick! May the Lord bless you and fill you with his graces! Sr Elisabeth in the name of all the patients of Bhannes Hospital ".

In thanksgiving for the help received, a Eucharist was celebrated in the services to entrust the intentions of our benefactors.

With all our hearts: THANK YOU!