Classes are open - We did it !

School books for 60 pupils in Cameroon
February 17, 2021
Sr Lorraine Djongoue Toko
We did it

As part of their educational work in the far north of Cameroon, the Daughters of Charity have succeeded over the years in opening classes in Midjivin and equipping the school with the infrastructure and equipment necessary for its operation and the pedagogical follow-up of the pupils. The families are concerned about their children's education despite the limited resources available to them and the context of insecurity and climate change in the country.

The aim of this project to purchase school books was to support 60 pupils in 3ème and seconde in their studies in order to optimise their learning and prevent young people from disadvantaged families from dropping out of school. Since 2017, the projects for the benefit of Saint Catherine's School in Midjivin have been regular and all of you, dear donors, are very faithful.

Sister Lorraine, the project leader, tells us:

Thanks to the donations collected with Rosalie's projects, we were able to buy books from the LIIPAMAVE bookstore known for its services in school books.

During study hours, the pupils can use the books provided to do their exercises. Many of them had finished primary school without ever having touched a book because of their parents' financial difficulties.

The teachers' lessons are also more documented, which allows them to illustrate the subjects taught and thus maintain their pupils' attention.

"I am Theodore, I study in the 3rd grade and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your donations which allow us to have beautiful books to study. They help us to do our exercises and to read."

The impact of the project is already tangible and the success rates of the students are as high as we expected. At the time of the report cards in June 2020, several pupils in the 4th grade had asked me if they would have books available in the classrooms for their learning in the 3rd grade. They were very happy when I told them at the beginning of the school year that thanks to the Rosalie's projects they would have books not only for 3ème but also for seconde.

Already this year we have been able to take in more than 20 students and next year we hope to take in another 15 students in the second year of school, who are looking for the quality education that we try to give them.

Thanks to the negotiation of purchase rates, we still have some money left to buy books. We want to perpetuate our educational mission and our objective is to open new classes of 1st and 12th grade. We are counting on the Rosalie's projects to help us next year.

In the meantime, the parents of the students are very happy to express their gratitude for your support in the pedagogical accompaniment of their children.

A huge THANK YOU for your donations!

Thank you from Sister Lorraine in vidéo