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The Daughters of Charity in the Philippines during Covid-19

For they all contributed out of their surplus, but she out of her poverty has put in all she had to live on.” Mk 12:44
May 19, 2020
Sister Rose Lynn DOROMAL
Filles de la charité

Sœur Maria Ana Rosario G. EVIDENTE, Visitor of the Daughters of Charity of the Philippines :

Since the beginning of this global crisis, the Daughters of Charity have sought to observe all the health instructions of governments while keeping to the maximum the possibility of being in a "service of solidarity while we are in solitude and isolation."

First of all, I would like to congratulate those Communities that have initiated new actions of generosity and availability to join forces with civil and ecclesial groups in order to respond to the urgent needs of those who are suffering.

But the "war" is not over until we are sure that we have given a response in accordance with the blessings received from God's Providence .

Sister Rose Lynn tells us about the daily life of the Daughters of Charity in the Philippines since the beginning of the pandemic: 

To help those who are on the front line risking their lives... we have embarked on the production of PEP protective masks and gowns, putting in place mechanisms for the protection of those at risk or in need.

By offering them accommodation close to their place of work, hot meals to regain their strength, by encouraging them when the challenges seemed daunting.

For those suffering economic hardship due to quarantine, we collaborated with village government officials by providing food to those who were hungry... by making bread, meat pies or specialties.For prisoners, homeless people, street children, village guards, seasonal workers, indigenous peoples...

Preparing meal packages for youth, families, communities, single mothers.

It is thanks to donations of rice, ready meals, flour and canned food that we are able to distribute all these products to those in need of emergency food aid

To all those who live in fear and uncertainty because of COVID-19 we also distributed Miraculous Medals and Rosaries. In prayerful union with the world we ask the Lord every day for the healing of the sick and the end of the pandemic, entrusting these intentions during Holy Mass, the Liturgy of the Hours and uniting ourselves with the Church in the prayers presided over by the Pope.

We feel privileged to be able to keep that spark of service, the spark that keeps us close to those most in need in this time of pandemic.

These "sparks of love", no matter how humble or small they may seem to us, are also our expression of faithfulness...

Our humble offering like the poor widow who comes forward and deposits two coins as an offering in the Temple. (cf. Mk 12:4-44)

"It is to be hoped that the goodness of God will bless your work and that He will give you all the graces you will need for the fulfillment of His Most Holy Will; since you have been chosen for this work by the guidance of His Providence. »

Sainte Louise de Marillac

« La charité est le ciment qui lie les communautés à Dieu et les personnes entre elles. »

Saint Vincent-de-Paul