Daughters of Charity in Ukraine during Covid-19

"Be dressed for service and keep your lamps burning." Luke12:35
May 12, 2020
Sister Aleksandra Tokarska
Daughters of Charity

This period of pandemic is causing multiple changes for the world.

In Ukraine, we are trying to reorganize our time and the form of our presence, to continue our work and maintain the relationships we have been able to create through our service to the poor.

Sister Maria, responsible for the reception hall, wrote these few sentences to tell us what it looks like now.

«Taking advantage of the nice weather, the absence of children in our facility, we try to level the ground where there is no safe surface. During this time, some employees and parents refresh / renew by painting a swing from our playground.

In addition, we prepare classes and take the children home (every two weeks) so that the children have something to do, while talking to the family and try to support the spirit and basic means of life, including food.

How today are the words of Saint. Vincent to read the signs of the times?

Certainly many people had other plans for this time, but COVID-19 has brought a lot of change to what we are used to. But many of these changes are good. People I meet with whom I have the opportunity to serve differently now value life, work - even the one they did not like, but it provided the minimum. Children cannot come to us through a pandemic, which is why we go to them, being careful not to put anyone in danger or raise any concerns.

We especially want to support those families who are the hardest. COVID-19 is a difficult time for us, but we believe that this experience will strengthen us and that we will meet again soon in our common room.

God's blessing and many favors from Saint Ludwika »