Children's pain - We Did It !

Medical care for 36 disabled children in Cameroon
Thursday 09 March 2023 01:00
Soeur Luz Marina Taborda Florez
We did it

In Cameroon, due to traditions, beliefs or economic difficulties, disabled children are sometimes neglected and/or abandoned. Accused of being carriers of evil spells, they are often isolated from their community, chased away with their mothers or in the worst cases killed.

In the central and western region of Cameroon, in Foumban, 5 Daughters of Charity accompany 234 children and young people living with a disability, sometimes very severe.

Sister Luz Marina explains:

So far we have taken care of 36 children with serious neuro-infantile pathologies (cerebral palsy, post-stroke after-effects at birth, psychomotor retardation, paraplegia, congenital malformations, etc.). By the end of the school year we will have helped 50 children.

Thanks to the donors of the Rosalie Projects, these children were able to benefit from physiotherapy sessions planned over a period of one year in the rehabilitation centre of the Catholic Mission of Saint Catherine of Siena with which the Daughters of Charity work.

The main objective of this project was to correct, strengthen and restore the physical and mental condition of children with severe and chronic neuro-infantile pathologies.

We have also trained the parents to continue this support at home, teaching them the gestures and some physical activities adapted to each case.

After a few months of sessions, we have seen good to very good progress, especially in the younger children. Some of them are now able to stand with support, others to walk independently.

For the older children who were not taken care of early enough, the evolution is unfortunately slower.

On the whole, the results have been as good as our ambitions despite the many difficulties.

We hope for the best for the year 2023 and continue to follow up the children at home with the help of their parents. A big thank you to all of you who have supported us to accompany these children. 

With them, thanks to you!