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My home, my shelter - We did it

In Tanzania, construction of two houses for life
October 08, 2021
Sr Bibiane Bokamba Nzali
We did it

Remember you... Last February, we told you about the project "Life ahead" which, thanks to your donations, had improved the lives of 3 Tanzanian families.

With this new project "My home, my shelter", Sister Bibiane asked you again to finance the construction of houses for two new families that urgently needed to be housed:

Esther Matiko with her 6 children Wegesa Nyamohanga with her 7 children



The vast majority of people in Masanga and the surrounding villages live in isolation and poverty. In their old, particularly unhealthy homes, these families were always worried about the coming rainy season and their safety, especially at night.

Thanks to your donations, the houses could be built and equipped with toilets as well as the minimum of comfort for the daily life, which was not available until then. Being rehoused in safety has clearly had a strong psychological and emotional impact on these mothers and their children.

Focus on Esther Matiko, mother of 6 children

Her 2 teenagers and 4 young children are all malnourished. Her husband had lost his mind and tried to set fire to their hut after locking them all in, before neighbours managed to rescue them. The Daughters of Charity took them in and put them up in a small temporary rental until they could find a permanent home for her and her children.

The husband, who was known to have psychiatric problems, could no longer continue to live with his family at the risk of harming them. The sisters chose to give priority to one of the two houses to this family.
Sister Bibiane says: "It has been more than a year now and the man's condition has still not changed, so we managed to get a plot of land where we built a decent house for her and her children, and we visit them periodically to support them and follow their progress.


A roof for your life

Now that this beautiful project has been completed thanks to your generosity and the good work of the workers, the two families are safe. The sisters continue their weekly visits to follow their recovery and accompany them in their reintegration.

The two families thank you warmly for your generosity towards them, your prayers and your participation in this meaningful project with a lasting impact.

Thanks to you, they have a roof for life...


A big "Thank you" in video :



"May the love of Our Lord be with you always and may he reward you for your help." Sister Bibiane