On the road – We did it !

The 4x4 sisters are back on the road for little girls in India
June 22, 2022
Sœur Victoria Singh
We did it

In the region of Gunupur, the Daughters of Charity travel several hundred kilometers each week.

Their mission? To help the abandoned and remote populations.

Their only means of transportation (an old 4x4) was no longer capable of performing its functions and was becoming dangerous.

This project allowed them to finance a new 4x4 to ensure daily transportation. With this vehicle, the geographical distance is no longer an obstacle for young girls from untouchable castes to access health and education. 

Sister Victoria Singh says

As soon as we received the funds, we placed the order for the new ambulance. Since transportation is very complicated due to COVID-19 restrictions, it took some time to get the vehicle and all the appropriate documents. Subsequently, the remaining funds were used for the health care of the children in the Gunupur home.

The objective of the project was to purchase a new ambulance to enable marginalized girls from Dalit populations (the lowest caste in India) to access education in our school and health care.

"The majority of the school's students come from very remote villages and their caste does not give them access to education. We pick them up and welcome them in our home in Gunupur, where they follow the class and where we take care of them »

The impact of the project can be measured by checking the admission register and the girls' current performance in their studies.

"50 girls students are provided with accommodation with better facilities than in their village.

The students have access to regular classes and have shown great interest and progress in their academic performance. This project has a direct impact on their lives and the lives of their families."

Your financial support has been a great help in carrying out this service.

Thank you so much!