On the way to Midjivin College - We did It

In Cameroon, better administrative efficiency and a diversity of educational materials thanks to new high-performance equipment.
February 08, 2021
Sr Lorraine Djongoue Toko
We did it

In Midjivin, Cameroon, families are concerned about their children's education, which is hampered by the limited resources available to them. Despite the context of insecurity and climate change in the country, the Daughters of Charity have managed over the years to maintain an educational offer and to open classes while equipping the school with the infrastructure and equipment necessary for its proper functioning and the pedagogical follow-up of the pupils.

Thanks to this project financed by Rosalie's projects, the purchase of computers and digital equipment has made it possible to ensure better management of the school in order to deal with administrative burdens while supporting the teachers in accompanying the pupils in obtaining their certificates and familiarising them with digital requirements.

Sister Lorraine recounts:

"As soon as we received the money, we were able to acquire the best equipment in Yaoundé at a lower cost with the advice of a computer teacher.

The two computers were installed with antivirus software and all the software needed for the administrative and pedagogical needs of the College.

Because of the covid 19 pandemic and the constraints dictated by the government, the installation of the video projector and the photocopier was delayed but we finally benefited from the support of the technician and were able to start the new school year in October with serenity.

When I informed the teachers of the new computer equipment, they were all delighted. They are now able to teach their lessons in power point format as this has a beneficial effect on the acquisition of knowledge and is in line with the pedagogical requirements of the hour.

The two second language teachers (Spanish and German) have also been enthusiastic about using it to encourage our students to practice these languages. The computer teacher will now match his theoretical lessons with practice by means of the overhead projector.

Pupils are regularly assessed as part of their educational follow-up, hence the importance of the photocopier as a valuable tool for the numerous administrative requests.

Furthermore, by means of the video projector, films and documentaries with educational purposes are shown to the pupils in order to consolidate their human formation.

Thanks to your support, the school will no longer suffer from the digital divide that has been holding back students in their learning despite the efforts of their teachers. On the administrative level, the impact of the project is tangible in terms of speed and quality of services.

On the pedagogical level, these materials make teaching more attractive, with competitive academic results.

Meetings with parents are also much more inclusive with the screening of documentaries or even events related to school life.

Fifteen teachers, 56 students and the administrative team have benefited from this project, which will have a lasting and concrete impact, knowing that new classes should open very soon to welcome new students to the Collège and Lycée.

"Dear donors, thank you again for the unfailing and continuous support you have given us since the beginning of this educational work. It encourages and stimulates us to be at the side of the most vulnerable on a daily basis to reveal God's tenderness to them in a creative way while respecting their dignity."

Sr Lorraine