Not to live alone - We did it!

Nutritional support for 100 children in Nigeria
Wednesday 23 November 2022 01:00
Soeur Ali Martha
We did it

The aim of this project was to finance at least one meal a day for the pupils of the Lindalva Inclusive School in Nigeria. In addition to many children from low-income families, children with disabilities are also catered for in this 'inclusive school'.

Sister Ali Martha says

Thanks to this project, we have been able to buy bags of rice, beans, maize, pasta, oil, but also and above all foodstuffs such as red meat, vegetables and fish to balance the meals.

With inflation and the rising cost of food on the local market, we have had to be particularly careful to control expenditure and manage stocks.

We take care to group food according to the daily, weekly and monthly needs of the children, in order to avoid waste and theft.

We take out the packaged food every day, and this makes it very easy to monitor the stock.

The children who benefit from the project have received two meals a day since the beginning of the year (breakfast and lunch), whereas many of them often arrive at school hungry.

We have seen huge changes in their health but also in their attendance and participation in class.

The year is coming to an end and the majority of the school staff and families are pleased to report better social interaction between them. From now on, each family has promised to make a small contribution to the feeding programme so that it becomes an integral part of the school system offered at Lindlava Inclusive School.

The beautiful testimonies

Idiokpa Acheleme is one of the children from disadvantaged homes. She came to school with sores all over her body, fearful, shy, anaemic, withdrawn and underweight. The implementation of the Rosalie Project has changed her appearance and her life. The school community and those around her are in awe of her great physical improvement, her newfound participation in class and her interactions with other children.

Chima Ogechi is an autistic child from a poor home. Chima always came to school tired, weak and sick. She was fed fluids and sleeping pills to make her immobile and increase her sleep. Since we started this nutritional support project, Chima is not only able to swallow and eat solid food independently, but she can now walk without help or support. Because of her great improvement through the nutrition programme, some people, including her neighbours, have named the school the "Miracle and Sunshine School". Chima has regained her health, strength and social skills and now joins her classmates in classroom and extra-curricular activities.

The impact of the project on the children who benefited from the project is incalculable

The project beneficiaries (mainly children aged 2-11 years) have benefited from a balanced diet that has contributed to their growth and psychological development.

The number of children suffering from anaemia and micronutrient deficiencies has been significantly reduced. Children who had never had the opportunity to eat chunks discovered the joy of eating a balanced diet and their development was affected.

Avant / après

For the majority, health, cognitive and academic performance have improved significantly.

The project has increased the number of enrolments at the school: 4 new families have joined us.

Finally, the project has raised awareness of the importance of nutritional support and the need for parents to be involved in their children's diet and education.

"Yes, I would like to thank all those who have contributed to help us implement this project.  It has saved the lives of children suffering from malnutrition and other hunger-related illnesses and given them access to quality education. Your support has not only protected these vulnerable children, but has also brought hope to the school, the families and the surrounding area.

"We will continue to work hard to sustain this project and have planned road works and a small poultry farm for the children, as well as continuing our awareness campaigns."

"May God bless and renew the effort of all those who have greatly contributed to this project. Thank you."