Renovating to educate in Beirut - We did it!

30 female teachers relocated after Lebanon explosion
July 12, 2021
Sister Marlene
We did it

Thanks to you and to the 4 355€ collected, this beautiful project of reconstruction of housing after the explosion in Beirut allowed the teachers of the Immaculate Conception school to find a roof and to continue to teach their courses at a distance.

The different steps followed for this project were the following:

1. Prioritising the work by category
2. Finding contractors to carry out the work and managing the volunteer teams on site
3. Start work by category in the homes
4. Deliver the work as soon as possible

The work was carried out by local workers and by the beneficiaries themselves (including the teachers' husbands), dividing the tasks according to the skills of each.



One of the teachers (now in remission) was particularly affected by the explosion because of her cancer.

Hosted by her sister, and despite her illness, she contributed greatly to the success of the work by uniting the team of beneficiaries around the project and seeking local organisations to supplement the budget, while continuing to teach her distance learning courses online until her house was finished and she could move back in with her daughters.


Another teacher, who was hosted by charities during the work, was very happy to be able to rearrange her house after losing all her furniture and personal belongings. While she needed dialysis and had no family, her colleagues took care of her and her daughter to enable her to follow her medical treatment.


Thanks to co-financing with local organisations, associations and other patrons (the overall project cost approximately U$100,000), the housing was completed in May 2021.

This project, characterised by a very impressive solidarity, allowed the beneficiaries to regain hope for stability after the disaster.

The completion of the work and the move back into the homes was very moving for the families, who were particularly grateful: it was a ray of sunshine in the very difficult daily life in Lebanon.


20 teachers and their families were able to benefit from the renovations thanks to your donations.

Thank you so much for your generous contribution!