Resists - We did it !

Notre Dame de l'Esperance Health Centre equipped to fight the pandemic in Burkina Faso
Monday 26 April 2021 02:00
Sister Marie-Thérèse Ukwak
We did it

The aim of this beautiful "Resists" project was to provide the Centre de Santé et de Promotion Sociale (CSPS) Notre Dame de l'Esperance (Nouna, Burkina Faso) with equipment to prevent Covid19.

The objective was to strengthen the hygiene system within the Centre and to raise patients' awareness of health risks and prevention measures.

Already weakened by malaria, malnutrition and the threat of conflict, mothers, young pregnant women and children have been given special attention and the maternity ward can now accommodate its patients in complete safety.

As acute respiratory infections (tuberculosis, pneumonia, bronchitis) remain an important cause of mortality in very young children, the Daughters of Charity were on the alert to avoid any risk of spreading the virus.

In order to reinforce the fight against COVID-19, Sister Marie-Thérèse needed funds to be able to acquire soap and hydro-alcoholic gels, gloves, surgical masks, visors and cleaning products. Thanks to you, she was also able to set up medical awareness devices.

"Thanks to the support of Rosalie's projects, we were able to avoid equipment shortages by acquiring the various items and then installing and using them immediately. Patients and their carers were able to wash their hands with soap and water as soon as they entered the facility, thanks to water points available everywhere. In addition to the hygienic masks and hydro-alcoholic gel made available to them, the nursing staff were protected by wearing gowns before and during each medical procedure. The staff in charge of cleaning were finally able to respect good hygiene practices in the Centre, and to teach patients and their families to respect them thanks to occasional training."

« Since the implementation of the project in October 2020 until January 2021, an estimated 13,800 people have visited the CSPS, between patients (4,600) and accompanying persons (9,200). Most of our patients are women and children, hence the ever increasing number of accompanying persons. "

Thanks to your support, you have helped to reduce the medical divide in a country where the lack of health coverage affects the poorest and most vulnerable.

We have received your invaluable help for our project to fight against epidemic risks. Thank you very much for all you do to put a smile on the face of the poor. Thank you all for all the sacrifices you have made for them, who are already the victims of conflicts and climate change. May God bless you and provide for your needs. Thank you, thank you, thank you."

Sister Marie-Therese, Project Leader