Smile to life - We did it!

30 children's teeth treated in the Dominican Republic thanks to you
July 05, 2021
Sister Ysabel Florentino de la Cruz
We did it

This beautiful medical assistance project in the Dominican Republic has benefited the dental care of 30 children, some with very serious oral situations.

It was carried out in several stages:

1. Contact with the children of the educational centre and screening of their oral problems
2. First meeting with the families to make them aware of the project and their participation
3. Oral assessment of each child by the dentist and filling in of the data sheet and oral status
4. Training meeting with the beneficiaries and their families and delivery of the dental kit
5. Appointment at the dental surgery and interventions
6. Meeting with parents and beneficiaries to evaluate the "Mice for Life" project

In addition to the financial support from Rosalie Projects, we received a donation of toothbrush kits which were given to the beneficiaries at the first meeting with the dentist.



"Dear donors,

May God bless your work for the children of El Puerto, Dominican Republic. We courteously address you to share with you the beautiful story that La Milagrosa School has lived with the beneficiaries of the "Mice to Life" Project.

30 children and teenagers have benefited from oral health interventions and training for them and their families so that the impact achieved can be sustainable and extend to the homes and the community. A huge thank you!!!"


Sister Ysabel Florentino de la Cruz


Among the children who benefited from the project:

- All had their teeth cleaned through prophylaxis
- Fourteen children and adolescents underwent operations I, II, III, IV
- Four beneficiaries underwent endodontics of 4 root canals
- Seven adolescents had vinyl crowns
- Eight adolescents received two removable prostheses
- One beneficiary underwent root canal treatment 3

All had access to follow-up and support from a psychologist as well as training for good oral hygiene maintenance.



In addition to the dental treatments and their overall health impact, the project has had other positive consequences for the children, including

- An improvement in their self-esteem and thus in their relationships with their classmates
- A parallel improvement in school results
- Much happier children who can show their smile more easily
- Pupils who are more integrated in other areas such as dance and sports
- More appropriate behaviour in the family, school and social environment




The difficulty we encountered in carrying out the project was the situation at Covid-19. The dental centre was closed for several months and then after it reopened, some parents were afraid of the risk of contagion for their children. After showing them the process of disinfecting the instruments and the dentist's equipment during each procedure, the parents gained confidence and agreed to have their children treated.

Faced with the fear of some children related to the noise of the instruments and the fear of suffering, we had to find a companion to assist the dentist and reassure them, especially as the parents could not be present because of the pandemic.




This same young woman followed the beneficiaries through home visits and in some cases, she took them to the centre using a motoconcho (Touktouk) as a means of transport when their place of living was too far.

For all this, we would like to thank all those who contributed to the realisation of this beautiful project.

We commit ourselves to continue to follow these children and their families in the formation of values and the accompaniment in their physical integrity.


May God bless you today and forever

All the team of "Smile to the Life"