The Daughters of Charity in the Dominican Republic during Covid-19

« He who has two coats, let him give to him who has not even one; and he who has food, let him do the same. » Luc 3:11
June 01, 2020
Sister Amalia Álvarez
Filles de la charité Actualité

The "Refuge Renaître": A Yes to Life!

At "Refuge Renaître", we are at the service of the most vulnerable populations, and more particularly at the service of young girls and adolescents who are victims of abuse and the poorest families. In this time of pandemic, many of them have never received the government aid that was promised to them, depriving them of basic resources to survive.

Thanks to the help of the Mother House and the support of private donors, we have been able to quickly activate a plan of assistance by bringing food to those most in need.Many people wander in the streets and live "day by day" threatened by precarious, menial and undeclared work (street vendors, waste treatment, laundry work,...). None of them benefit from government protection or labour rights. With the introduction of quarantine, their income suddenly disappeared.

People of good will traditionally bring us meals to distribute to the 21 families we accompany on a daily basis. 4 deliveries have already been made during the quarantine period and thanks to the increased mobilization of volunteers, we have been able to provide them with hygiene items, cleaning products and toys in addition to food.With the support and backing of the Mother House of the Daughters of Charity, we were able to help 40 additional families affected by Covid-19 who had not been able to access the aid promised by the government (solidarity cards, "stay at home" program). The majority of them were working without a work contract and were laid off overnight.We have had the joy of serving Christ through the poorest, offering support to the most disadvantaged social categories with the help of our many benefactors. These last few weeks have been particularly difficult, but we have all been strengthened, filled with the lights of wisdom. We have grown in the fraternal life between the Community and the staff of the "Refuge Renaître" as in the big family that we are.

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