Women, the lifeblood of Nigeria – We did it !

17 young women become independent through training in Nigeria
April 09, 2021
Sister Paulina Owne
We did it

Sister Paulina Owne's project was a skills training programme for young women in Gamashina, Nigeria, to enable them to become financially independent and support their families.

The aim was to provide a number of practical training courses for young women to enable them to become financially independent and to support their families.

Through the project, they were able to acquire skills in knitting, bead making, cosmetics, detergents, cakes and snacks. All of these products are commonplace in the country and are easy to make and sell.

Sister Paulina says:

Thanks to the help of the donors of Rosalie's projects, trainers were brought in to teach the different manufacturing techniques according to the fields of interest of each one.

We were able to buy the necessary equipment to run the classes, which were held every day from Monday to Friday from 9am to 3pm before they were interrupted because of the COVID-19, but which resumed after the decontamination.

At the end of the programme, participants were evaluated on what they had learned and each of the seventeen young women who completed the programme in January 2021 were then provided with basic equipment to help them set up their small business in their chosen activity.

Unfortunately, with the increase in commodity prices due to covid, we had to reduce the amount of supplies available for each woman to start her business.

The women received their diplomas and materials at the same time in January 2021. They were all very happy and expressed their gratitude to the donors.

Veronica, a young married woman who participated in the programme, says:

"When I participated in this skill acquisition programme, I did not know that it would be so qualitative, but thanks to it, I have acquired many skills that will help me in life. I thank the sisters for setting up this programme to help me and my colleagues, my sincere gratitude goes to Rosalie's projects and its donors who sacrificed their resources to support us. The training I have received and all the equipment given to me will go a long way in securing my future and that of my colleagues. May God bless the sisters and donors."

Sister Paulina adds: "The impact of the project on the beneficiaries is significant and gives them hope for the future, as they are all very poor and would not normally be able to afford the training or purchase the materials to start their own business. Thanks to your support, they now have a source of income. All the women were happy and expressed their gratitude to the donors."

Thanks to this initiative, these women in very poor rural areas of Nigeria can reclaim their future. The project could be repeated as it has attracted a lot of interest from new young women who also want to start their own business.

You have changed the lives of these 17 young women and with them, their families

Thank you so much!