Young apprentices' itinerary - We did it!

Quality materials for the Lycée Libiza in Congo
June 22, 2021
Sister Sylvie Mboyo
We did it

This beautiful project was made possible thanks to you: 5090€ were collected and the Lycée Technique Libiza is now equipped to train its students!

The financed project took a little time to start up following the replacement of the school's director. Sister Sylvie Mboyo, newly appointed head of the school, has continued the project.

She says:

"All the material was bought in Kinshasa to be transported to Mbandaka and more precisely to the Liziba high school. We encountered difficulties in transporting the equipment because of the poor state of the roads, so we finally had the opportunity to transport everything by river, which is a more practical and safer way."



On arrival at the school, some of the equipment needed a little tinkering to be installed or put into operation and we took the opportunity to hire local labour, mostly parents of needy students, to help us with this.

This project carried out during the 2020-2021 school year was of great importance for our Liziba Technical School, and particularly for the quality of the training offered.




Unfortunately, we were not able to buy everything that was planned in the project because of the price changes due to the Covid 19 pandemic. However, we bought six industrial sewing machines (instead of 8); 10 whiteboards (instead of 15) and 11 desks and chairs.

The purchase of these solid industrial sewing machines allows our students to learn at the same pace as students at the Institut Supérieur des Arts et Métiers in Kinshasa, the only place equipped with such machines. This will give our students an additional value on the job market thanks to the quality of the education they will have received.



The new blackboards are also much appreciated by the teachers. The tables and chairs allow everyone to be comfortably seated so that they can work efficiently.

Nearly 350 students are direct beneficiaries of this project.

Our special thanks go to the entire Rosalie Projects team and to the donors for their support, which today concretely helps to train the future managers and seamstresses of our province. Our immense gratitude goes to all those generous people who have contributed to the education of our dear youth - especially our young girls who are often relegated to the background in our male-dominated societies - we entrust them to the Lord in our prayers!


With all my fraternal gratitude

Sister Sylvie Mboyo