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3 orphans rehoused in Egypt
May 19, 2022
Soeur Nada Eid
We did it

The project

This beautiful Egyptian project aimed to renovate the home of 3 young people who were orphaned after the death of their mother.

In addition to his human and psychological support, the parish priest financed small works to improve the housing of these orphans who were living in very precarious conditions.

Knowing these three young people well, the Daughters of Charity decided to finalise the rehabilitation of this home through an appeal for donations. The donors of the Rosalie Projects responded generously, which allowed the renovation of their living space. 

The money raised was enough for the complete renovation of a ground floor house, i.e. 2 bedrooms, a kitchen, a living room and a bathroom with toilet.

 "We received a lot of help from some of the villagers to renovate the house. They worked for free which allowed us to save 1500 Egyptian pounds and spend it on furnishing the house" Sr Nada Eid

The beneficiaries

Helam, Amir and Walid lost their father at a very young age. In 2017, they lost their mother and were orphaned. Their grandmother was already very old and living simply, so it was complicated for her to take them in and take care of them.

Luckily, the parish priest discovered their terrible living conditions when he visited them, which triggered the idea of this project to help them.

We met the young people again after the work had been completed and they shared with us their happiness at living in a clean house. Their personal hygiene has improved considerably thanks to the access to a real bathroom, which has had a strong impact on their psychological health. They sleep better and feel much more rested. For example, Helam (the eldest child in the family) is now excellent at school. She told us that she feels much more comfortable with her classmates now that she is living in good conditions.

We really realise the impact of this renovation on the children's educational achievements. This project gives them a chance to have a more stable and secure future. Indeed, their academic achievements will be able to lead them to a professional career, whereas the tragic events in their lives have made for a dark and difficult life.  Their faces also say a lot. They look happy and rested.

Their grandmother has joined them to provide an adult presence and a healthy family rhythm.

We were able to achieve our original goal of renovating the ground floor thanks to you.

Thank you very much!