Harvest time in Burkina Faso - We did it!

An effective agricultural project during difficult periods of drought
May 28, 2021
Sister Toyin
We did it

Thanks to your support, this off-season cultivation project has ensured food security for many families who have come to Nouna, some of whom are fleeing climatic disasters and terrorist threats in the northeast of Burkina Faso.

The purchase of new motorised pumps and the drilling of a well to irrigate and water the agricultural plantations have enabled the farmers to cultivate the land in the so-called lean season; and to provide for the food needs of their families and the community.




The vegetable seeds that have been made available to them are now helping to alleviate food shortages and build up people's immune systems in a region where water and resources are scarce and disease is rife.


"We were able to negotiate the price of the equipment with the suppliers downstream so that the pumps could be purchased, delivered and stored on time.


At the same time, a 2-day technical training was provided to these farmers who already had a good grounding in cultivation practices. This training was given by a professional who even helped the 11 men to start up their small farming areas.

Today, 11 families benefit from this project, as well as a large part of the village's population who have access to vegetables all year round. Thanks to the work of the 11 direct beneficiaries, the use of improved seeds and modern production equipment, the farmers have seen their resources increase and their crops take shape despite the drought.




One of them testifies:

"I am Bernard DRABO, I was gardening with very rudimentary equipment and very few results. I got the information that the Daughters of Charity were offering to help people strengthen their equipment. I hoped to be a part of it, and thank God I was very happy to know that I was one of the beneficiaries. Today, I work easily with the advice of the trainer and the modern equipment at my disposal: my productions are improved thanks to this support. I will never stop thanking the Daughters of Charity, in particular Sister Toyin ABEGUNDE and all the donors for their generosity which has changed the life of my family.


If a total of 11 people were able to carry out this project, about 1000 people in the community also benefited indirectly from the fruits of this beautiful project.

Once again, thank you for your mobilization at their side!