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Create colouring books telling the story of the lives of saints to help educate children in Russia and Ukraine.
January 21, 2022
Sister Kaja Hečková
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Among the different Rosalie Projects presented during the summer of 2021, you could discover the project "Learning and growing". Carried by Sister Kaja Hečková, the idea was to create colouring books telling the story of the lives of Saints to participate in the education of children in Russia and Ukraine.

 Spring has arrived, the beautiful season

Apprendre et grandir - Projets rosalie

The origin of the colouring booklet is from a Slovak author, so it was necessary to obtain permission for the translation of the life story booklets of Saint Catherine Labouré.

Spring has arrived, the beautiful season begins with the printing of the first 500 booklets. In a second phase, the Rosalie project is developing with new booklets on the lives of other Saints: St Vincent de Paul, St Louise de Marillac and St Joseph.


Apprendre et grandir - Projets Rosalie

It was during the feast of St. Vincent de Paul that the Sisters offered the colouring books to the many children present and also to adults. The people who were present showed their generosity by participating in a charity fair and a food collection called "St. Vincent's bag". Afterwards, we used the money collected to buy firewood for a disabled couple so that they could use it, because in Siberia the winter is long and cold. 

The benefits of colouring books

The Daughters of Charity presented these colouring books filled with stories from the lives of the Saints to about 300 people. They travelled to various parishes and other events organised by the sisters.

Apprendre et grandir - Projets Rosalie

Through these different exchanges and sharing with the beneficiaries, Sister Kaja explains this benefit: "We have seen a positive result not only in the children but also in the adults. Today the colouring books have become "anti-stress" that we use in our psychological work at the Karitas centre. They are used by a group of disabled people as well as by pensioners who meet regularly in a room at the centre. Thus, the life stories of our Saints have also become a useful therapeutic alternative. The patients can also see their own situation in the saints' stories. Also, in a musical atmosphere, this peacefulness allows them to express their feelings by using the colours and pictures of the booklet. At the end there is always a broad smile and peace in their souls."  The Daughter of Charity tells us that "in Ukraine we use this material in our work with children and they appreciate it very much".

Apprendre et grandir - Projets Rosalie

To promote the development of the booklets, the Sisters offered them to priests and religious sisters as a tool for catechesis in their parishes at a diocesan meeting in Novosibirsk, Russia. Sister Kaja added: "We also sent them to our sisters serving in Kazakhstan."

The history of lives: a booklet to keep the memory of the Saints alive...

Apprendre et grandir - Projets Rosalie

The success of the Rosalie Project exceeded the initial expectations of 3,400 printings for children aged 6 to 10 in the communities of Russia and Ukraine. Indeed, based on this success, Sister Kaja and the Daughters of Charity decided to launch a new printing of booklets last autumn.

Here are the main beneficiaries:

Catechesis at the surrounding churches - 50 people

Patients in the "Karitas" centre - 20 people

Children in the children's clubs - 150 people

The Child Development Centre - 20 people

In holiday camps - 200 people

Catechesis in the diocese of Kazakhstan - undefined number


A very big thank you to all the generous donors for your support. With you, the story of the lives of Saint Catherine Labouré, Saint Vincent de Paul, Saint Louise de Marillac and Saint Joseph continues...

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