The Ladies of the Nile - We did it

Equip two health centres to offer the Egyptian population a quality medical service.
November 09, 2021
Sister Elisabeth Noirot
We did it

The objective of the "Ladies of the Nile" project was to help the Daughters of Charity to equip two health centres with state-of-the-art equipment to offer the Egyptian population a quality medical service.

Located in two villages 10kms apart, the physiotherapy center in Menchiech offers a local, quality medical service. The analysis laboratory in Koussieh allows patients referred by doctors to have access to a reliable center with high-performance equipment.



Purchases of new medical devices

 Projets Rosalie - Les dames du Nil -

Thanks to your donations, the medical equipment could be acquired as of April 2021.

For the physiotherapy center, this new equipment allows patients to relieve their pathologies. There are thus :

- 1 ultra sound device to treat post traumatic inflammatory symptoms;

- 1 multi-function device to stimulate muscles with electric waves. This device is used for patients with disabilities or who have had a stroke;

- 2 massage devices to relax muscles and stimulate circulation;

- 2 heating bags to soothe pain by relaxing the muscles;

For the analysis laboratory, a device called "Mispa i2" was purchased. It detects diabetes, anemia, hemostasis and other diseases.

All the devices were put into operation in May in the two health centers.


A beneficent treasure: Mispa i2

Projets Rosalie - Les Dames du Nil

In the Koussieh laboratory, the "Mispa i2" allows the most common laboratory tests to be performed more quickly, such as testing for Covid-19 in the absence of PCR tests. As a result, the number of patients has increased from 15 to 20 per day and the number of tests has increased fourfold.

According to Sister Elisabeth, "The beneficiaries are happy to see that we can perform the tests at low cost in our center because elsewhere, in private laboratories, it is very expensive. The patients are coming more and thank us for offering them this service which is so useful at this time when we are very affected in our region by the pandemic."

As for the physiotherapy devices that bring relief to patients, Sister Elizabeth explains, "As these devices are more efficient, patients feel a faster effect on their pathology. And that's very important because you know how the psyche and the physical are linked for better health recovery. Plus, they don't want to use the old devices anymore!"



Projets Rosalie - Les Dames du Nil

Projets Rosalie - Les dames du Nil

In conclusion, Sister Elizabeth wishes to bring to your attention her thanks on behalf of the Daughters of Charity, the staff and all the beneficiaries:

"Dearest benefactor friends,

Thanks to you, we have been able to increase the quality of care offered to this poor population of Upper Egypt through the performance of the equipment you have allowed us to acquire!

It is therefore once again with immense gratitude that all of us - patients, staff and Sisters - thank you for your wonderful and timely support!

May God bless you!"


With Them, Through You