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Let's fly - We did it

July 28, 2021
Quality care for six disabled children in Kenya
Sr Deborah Mallot

The gates of the penitentiary - We did it

July 20, 2021
50 men ready for reintegration in DRC
Sr Pascaline Biyoudi

Renovating to educate in Beirut - We did it!

July 12, 2021
30 female teachers relocated after Lebanon explosion
Sister Marlene

Smile to life - We did it!

July 05, 2021
30 children's teeth treated in the Dominican Republic thanks to you
Sister Ysabel Florentino de la Cruz

Young apprentices' itinerary - We did it!

June 22, 2021
Quality materials for the Lycée Libiza in Congo
Sister Sylvie Mboyo

Building to rebuild - We did it!

June 08, 2021
Renovated housing in Agen to accommodate families in difficulty
Sister Marthe Roquebert

Harvest time in Burkina Faso - We did it!

May 28, 2021
An effective agricultural project during difficult periods of drought
Sister Toyin

Resists - We did it !

April 26, 2021
Notre Dame de l'Esperance Health Centre equipped to fight the pandemic in Burkina Faso
Sister Marie-Thérèse Ukwak

Rebuilding after the Fuego volcano - We did it !

April 21, 2021
33 houses built to rehouse surviving families in Guatemala
Soeur Francely Elizabeth Perez